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Best Online Payment Methods For Business To Combat COVID

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If you are running a small business, you have probably experienced the complexities caused by the coronavirus. Amid this situation, you must embrace online payment methods and deliver products using new and efficient ways in order to keep the doors of your business open. At Rapidcents, we always help small businesses; helping them so that they can accept online payments effortlessly is the main priority of our platform. COVID-19 has made a remarkable change in the ecosystem of your business. You cannot interact with your customers like you used to do even a few months or one year back. Things have got a new shape and therefore, as a merchant, you will have to make changes.

Anyway, at Rapidcents, we help the merchants to understand the new ways to interact with their customers. We provide an efficient and flexible online payment solution that will elevate your business to the next level. With our recommended online payment methods, you can easily cope up with the current pandemic situation.

Create Online Store And Enable Online Payment Methods For Business

According to a report, after the arrival of this crazy situation, more businessmen are embracing the ecosystem of eCommerce. There are many businessmen who hardly wanted to make an online shift are embracing the online business. They not only opened an online store but also embraced online payment methods for business. In this critical situation, it is quite clear that the consumers will not come to the store and therefore, the merchants will have to reach customers. Now, for this, you need an online embrace. Consumers want convenience and online shopping can give them true comfort. Now, you need to enable online payment methods to receive payments from your customers. Along with this, you will also have to do pickup and shipping customization so that the customers face no problem regarding delivery.

Restaurants Can Open Online Food Ordering System

Capacity restrictions, limitations in accepting in-person guests, and many more are affecting the restaurant businesses badly. This is why most business owners in this field have started pickup and takeout options for the customers. This is, no doubt, a smart move from the restaurant business owners. But, the problem is that they are paying commissions to the third-party delivery applications and it is ultimately mitigating the profit margin. But, with our online payment methods for business, you can completely avoid these charges and take full control over your online orders. Yes, with our advanced online system, you can easily create an online food menu and you can also customize this thing. You can provide a traditional digital online store experience to your customers. There will not be any additional charges. Anyway, you will have to enable online payment methods to receive payments from your customers.

Send Payment Requests Via Email Or Text- Advanced Online Payment Methods For Business

The payment request feature is one of the best advanced online payment methods for businesses. Amid this situation, customers are not making offline payments. They need a way through which they can pay the merchant in a contactless way. This payment request feature will give an all-in-one solution. The customers will receive a link in their inboxes and after clicking the link, they will get the detailed invoice report and apart from this, they can directly make payment from there by putting their payment details. Different types of businesses are using various online payment methods but, it will definitely boost their business. We have also made an explanation regarding this:

  • Tailors and dry cleaners can send payment requests when the orders will be ready for pickup. The customers can make payment through the link before picking up.
  • Lawyers, accountants and many more who are offering professional services can also send payment requests to their clients.
  • Home service providers such as house cleaners, window washers, electricians, plumbers and many more can also use this payment method after finishing their works.
Enable QR Code Online Payment Methods For Business

In this pandemic situation, the QR code online payment methods for business will actually aid the merchants. It promotes contactless interactions with the consumers. The merchants can create separate QR codes for every sale. Or, they can also use a static QR code where the customers need to scan and enter the transaction amount. QR code payment is faster and reliable and it also eliminates most complications regarding online transactions. Paying tips through this online payment method is also easy. So, if you are in the restaurant, hospitality and tourism industry, you can embrace this payment method without any hesitation.

Not A Rapidcents Merchant?

So, you have got an idea about the best online payment methods for businesses to combat COVID. Now, you need a reliable online payment processor to get access to these online payment tools. In such a case, Rapidcents will be your ultimate companion. This platform adds full value to every transaction and it also offers 24×7 customer support. So, become a merchant of this platform today.

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