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Chase Announced New Freedom Flexi Card For The Cardholders

Chase is leading the online payment industry forward. It is one of the best financial services firms that work globally. The company, Chase offers commercial banking, investing as well as retirement planning, auto loans, mortgages and credit cards. Considering the present situation where credit card companies are cutting the credit card limits, Chase has come up with a new credit card for its customers.

It is quite evident that after the arrival of COVID-19, people have started giving more importance to online transactions. According to a report, the number of online credit card transactions at various online marketplaces has been elevated to a different level. COVID-19 has brought several changes. One of them is social distancing. Yes, people are maintaining social distancing and on the other side, the small merchants closed the retail outlets. The shopping opportunities are on the lower side nowadays. But, the online marketplaces are booming and consumers are making an online purchase.

Well, Chase has understood the ecosystem of online payment. Therefore, they have come up with Chase Freedom Flexi Card. The company has announced it on Monday. Consumers can apply for this card from 15th September.

The best part of this card is that it does not have an annual fee and this MasterCard has come up with rotating bonus categories. Moreover, customers will get additional cashback on every purchase. The customers will get 5% cashback for spending on travel. They will get it through Chase Ultimate Rewards. Along with it, there are many enchanting offers that customers can avail of spending on different categories. The Chase Freedom Flexi Cardholder will get % cashback for spending on dining. Moreover, they will also get an additional 3% cashback for spending at drug stores.

Well, the Chase Freedom Flexi Cardholder will get cashback up to $1500. But, it will rotate in each quarter. The offers are quite similar to that of the Chase Freedom Card. Chase Freedom Card is a very popular card and customers will get cashback for spending on different categories such as groceries, gas, and other purchases from Amazon.

Chase Freedom Flexi credit cardholders will also get 5% cashback for spending on Lyft rides. The cardholders will also get three-month DashPass membership and this is a complimentary offer. After this complimentary offer, customers will be enrolled in DashPass 50% off offer for the next nine months.

Another important that is coming with Chase Freedom Flexi is cell phone protection. It will be really helpful for the people in the 21st century.

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