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Credit Card Company Chase Is Offering Grocery Perks On New Credit Cards

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Credit card is changing the online economy efficiently. It is leading forward the online payment industry. After the arrival of coronavirus, people have been giving more importance to online transaction such as credit card transactions, mobile wallet transactions and many more. In short, people have realized the efficiencies of contactless transactions. However, credit card companies are also utilizing the present situation. They are bringing new and alluring offers for credit card users so that they can also deal with the present crisis. People have lost their jobs amid lockdown and therefore, situations have become worse for them.

However, standing in this critical situation, credit card giant Chase has brought attractive grocery perks for the new credit card users. Yes, this offer is for the new credit card users. As of now, there is no such offer for the existing users. Chase has brought two new credit cards- Chase Freedom Unlimited and Chase Freedom. These credit cards are offering attractive cashback offers that you can convert into cash by adding them to your digital wallet.

These cards are coming up with a complimentary $200 welcome bonus. Along with it, the customers will get cashback up to $600 for spending on grocery stores. The customers can earn up to $800 for spending with these credit cards within a year.

How Does It Work?
  • In order to avail of the complimentary $200 welcome bonus, the cardholder will have to spend $500. Well, the time duration is 3 months from the time of activation. There is not a specific category on which you will have to spend.
  • Customers can earn 5% of cashback if they use their Chase credit cards for grocery shopping.
  • Customers can earn up to $600 for spending on the grocery store. The offer is applicable for the first year.
Some Additional Information
  • Cardholders will not get cashback if they spend money on supermarkets like Walmart or Target. However, in such a case, they will get standard cashback.
  • If the customer has already received any welcome bonus from Chase within 24 months, that person will not be qualified for this offer.
  • There will be 100 Unlimited Reward Points for spending 1 dollar. Customers can convert this reward points into cash back.

Well, the company has mentioned that there will not be any expiry date of the reward points. So, the customers can withdraw this whenever they want. Considering the present situation, it will be a blessing in disguise for the cardholders.

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