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How the Credit Card Process Works: Step-by-Step with RapidCents

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Credit cards have fundamentally changed how people make purchases in the present digitally-driven world. This piece of plastic has turned into a staple of daily life, offering a high level of convenience to its users and making transactions traceable. Developing from a mere plastic card with magnetic stripes on the rear to electronic storage of funds, credit cards continue to evolve.

People use credit cards daily, from buying goods online to eating at a restaurant or flying in an aircraft. Therefore, credit cards are the most convenient means. The ease of using a card lies in the accepting of this card by a majority of the industries where one would want to make a purchase.

I will walk you through this complete process, step by step. I will also provide you with specific examples, and here comes the first example RapidCents.

What is RapidCents and Why Choose It?

One of the most reputed online payment processors, RapidCents is a financial services provider dealing with credit card solutions. It has been functioning in the domain for many years and follows customer-centric perspectives to make a reputable image in this highly competitive domain. As an online payment portal, RapidCents work as an additional element between trading units and banks.

It guarantees a seamless credit card transaction process and enables a highly secure payment process. RapidCents has a high-tech functioning mode that makes it feasible for businesses to offer their clients credit card payment options smoothly. It is feasible via encryption, first-rate processing technology, and anti-deception tools.

These tools defend the sellers and buyers from fraud and maintain their financial information completely secluded. There are several reasons to utilize RapidCents for online credit card purchase as transaction times are the greatest strength. In this ultra-modern era, time is cash.

RapidCents instantly manages the transaction from one account to another from clients to sellers. It is beneficial as businesses have rapid access to payment and can manage cash flows more securely, increasing client satisfaction. For online credit card dealings, it is recommended if you are incompetence.

RapidCents consistently presents fast charge-forming charges. Security and pricing and how much RapidCents costs are both conditions. RapidCents can aid businesses to realize the finest financial processing capability and generate excellent profits by pricing grades transparently.

Security is a necessity for online credit card purchasing. It is RapidCents’ best aspect. The gateway protects every transaction with the highest encryption levels in the business.

Every personal account is also protected from information penalties and frauds. Customers are guaranteed loyalty and longevity. Credit card processing is complicated for somewhat any market.

One of RapidCents’ best attributes is the aforementioned. Our systems are user-friendly and stress-free to set for a low skilled person. Properly determining charges may be enhanced for commercial performance than full web growth.

RapidCents has a comprehensive support system to help companies through any tech matters or concerns.

Step 1: Merchant Account Setup

The journey of processing credit cards with RapidCents starts with establishing a merchant account. Indeed, a merchant account is the link that connects the business entity directly to the payment processor through which the money is transferred to the business’s bank account directly from the payer’s credit card. Firms can swiftly set up a merchant account with RapidCents in the first step by registering on our website or contacting us.

However, it requires some academic information about the business, the items offered or services, and the transactions’ estimated size. RapidCents will need some documentation and academic information to confirm the authenticity of the company on the account for the installation of the remaining account.

While the necessary information may differ from one place to another and one business to another, the following documentation is usually requested:

Based on the local operating company or enterprise, the company’s operating name, contact information, and industry  identification number: This business’s tax code is necessary for us to use a TIN to verify the actual payment of taxes by the company on the bank account:

Please accurately specify RapidCents to the merchant through which funds can be moved to the RapidCents account.

Proof of business entity: This evidence may be a small company license, an establishment license, or other organizational documentation.

Merchant History: For established organizations, if appropriate, you may demonstrate a prominent processing account.

Website & Product Facts: For the identification of business websites for online businesses and the acquisition of commodities and services. It is crucial to include the precise elements and make the whole thing easier.

Input: The setup process’s effectiveness and simplicity rely on the accuracy of the data obtained . The right proof guarantees that the merchant onboarding process is seamless, and RapidCents can quickly and accurately check the merchant’s dangers and accept the license.

It also guarantees that the company is abiding by the rule , since, among other things, financing companies, including covers, are required to do everything possible to avoid theft and money laundering. Without the proper detail, the activation phase of the setup will be postponed and the merchant’s ability to accept a new internet loan will be less direct. Additionally, any differences discovered as a result of incorrect or incomplete information may require extra examination or verification, causing more simple records like emails or more significant disputes.

Step 2: Integration and Customization

Regardless of whether the business runs through an e-commerce website, mobile application, or state-of-the-art point of sale, RapidCents offers compatibility, and smooth integration. The company proffers software, plugins, websites, and mobile SDKs that allow developers to implement a new payment gateway for websites such as for instance Shopify, WooCommerce , and Magento by incorporating a new checkout process plugin and allowing customers to use their credit cards. For instance, RapidCents uses a plugin to create an online payment gateway and integrates it into the online checkout process, allowing the customer to pay for their credit card .

Businesses may offer mobile SDKs for those who create applications and enable developers to pay for credit by allowing customers to pay by credit card in their applications . Storefront Rapidcents offers point-of-sale solution that does not only protect its clients but also improve their businesses by adopting existing technological and corporate policies. It allows clients such as banks to agree to provide credit card protection in person.

RapidCents can protect customers from paying online, virtually, to avoid fraud, and in-person store . Customization is vital to RapidCents’s function, considering the nature of each business model. Due to different models, RapidCents customers are provided with alternatives .

They serve in permitting customers to determine the favored type of cards, from we accept all cards to accepting only those from Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and discover or any other. In contrast, it is up to the providers demographic and choose their suitable card. The companies, payment can be customized in several ways, including payment flow and the appearance of the UI.

The solutions feature payment page design, confirmation emails, and messages specified for business that consider customers’ feeling during purchasing. RapidCents that does automatic processes, it offers flexibility in connections as it adjusts payments with subscriptions plans for enterprise or payment of bills.

It allows viewing color coding depending on subscribers paid or watched video. Rapidcents offers a user-friendly system which makes sure that the companies get the best by not struggling big manuals or employees. There is no need for a more complex overview for business0owned since user adaptation has been initiated for customization on the activation.

Business persons with little knowledge are targeted since documentations prepared aims in implementation up-to-formation, ensuring installation completion. Rapid Cents is that companies’ technical expert available to help businesses conquer their worries as support on technical difficulties or customization questions, it is ready, and support along business ideas lasts.

Step 3: Customer Payment Submission

Following the integration of the RapidCents API, credit card payments can be seamlessly submitted, making it easy for customers to conduct secure transactions. More so, the use of credit card to process payment is quicker, and customers do not waste much time trying to link to the transfer.

Thus, the process for customers until the payment is made includes: Product selection on the merchant’s website or mobile app . After finding what they are looking for, the customers click on “Add to Cart” and “Shopping Cart” to continue to check-out. Check out via Checkout page .

While checking out on the website page, they select their payment option, which can be everything from credit card, debit card, mobile wallet, to online banking account/server. Credit card information. If the customer checked out from website, they entered their credit card information, which would consist of the full card number, expiry date, and CVC.

Billing information. This is where clients enter their name, address, where the product would be delivered or service, and contact information.

Order review. Customers have an opportunity to review the order made before making a payment, as they can tick if all the details entered appear to be correct.

Payment Authorization. After proceeding to submit the payment option, the transaction takes place in the sense the payment information is sent to RapidCents for the payment authorisation process.

Real-time processing. RapidCents gets true to its moniker and authorizes the credit card payment quickly following the request. It immediately checks if the card is valid and if money is available.

Transaction confirmation through the Merchant website or app – the customer is also provided with the information post the transaction if the transaction was successful or not.

The following payment methods are supported: Credit & Debit Cards – Customers can make purchase pay via visa, mastercard, american express, discover cards. These card is convenient and mostly accepted worldwide.

Mobile Wallets : RapidCents will soon introduce mobile wallet payment options for customers to make payments through popular digital wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and others. Mobile wallets provide a swift and contactless payment experience.

Online Banking : Customers can also make payments through their bank accounts through online banking. This method is popular among customers as it provides the convenience and security of a direct bank transfer .

Security: During the payment submission process, RapidCents ensures that the customer’s sensitive information remains secure from third-party breaches.

Several security measures are in place regarding the protection of sensitive data:

Encryption: Sensitive data, including credit card and personal information, are encrypted during the sharing process. It is encrypted at rest and in transit and only available to authorized personnel . PCI DSS Compliance RapidCents is PCI DSS compliant, and customer information is processed and stored in a secure environment .

Tokenization: Card data is replaced by a unique token when provided to concerned parties before sending to the payment processor for storing and processing in the future. The merchant does not keep the credit card but token reduces the risk of data breaches.

Fraud Detection: RapidCents uses fraud detection algorithms and high-quality fraud tools that detect fraud transactions in real-time. There are rules configured within the fraud tool that mimics legitimate transaction activities to stop fraud transactions .

Secure Network Infrastructure: RapidCents servers are hosted in a secure network infrastructure, equipped with firewalls and intrusion detection systems.

Step 4: Transaction Verification

To ensure the legitimacy and security of every transaction, RapidCents follows a judicious and multi-tiered transaction verification approach. The necessary steps include:

Data Validation Real-time Authorization: Immediately after a customer applies for payment, RapidCents verifies credit card data, billing address, and data on the contact form. This assists identify any fallacies or incorrect data available in the transaction. 

Address Verification Service : Address Verification Service is also utilized to verify the customer’s billing address with the card issuer. With RapidCents, if the data differs, a transaction can be terminated.

Card Verification Value : RapidCents always validate the CVV code written or provided by the cardholder, which is the three-digit number on the visa rear. If correct, it means the transaction is secure.

Velocity check: RapidCents frequently acts with individual customers to monitor the amount and speed of their transactions. For instance, high-speed transactions can be a cause for alarm . The.utilization of fraud detection:

Machine learning algorithms: RapidCents actively utilizes machine learning algorithms to analyze a vast amount of transactional data to identify patterns and markers of fraudulent behavior actively. Thus, our fraud detection system can evolve and improve with time.

Behavioral analytics: RapidCents studies the behavior of the customer and their transactional history to identify any activity that can be seen as unusual or suspicious; such anomalies include spending more money in a day than usual or making transactions far from the customer’s usual shopping places, for instance.

Device fingerprinting: RapidCents uses device fingerprinting to identify and track the cash-out device used in the transaction, enabling us to protect payments from unauthorized access using a new or unknown device.

Geolocation tracking: RapidCents studies customers’ transactional geography to identify the use of multiple distant geography in quick succession, which might be suspicious when it comes to legal transactional activities. Speed and accuracy High-speed authorization and verification systems enable transactions to take place as quickly as possible, reducing the chance for delays for customers and merchants. Machine learning and behavioral analytics algorithms active in RapidCent’s FDS enable the system to detect fraud and mark suspicious activity.

By combining volume monitoring with AVS and CVV checking, customer payments are secure, and they can make payments with confidence! Not only will we be able to find out fraud, but we will also be able to determine whether a claim is specifically related to fraud. Processes accurately and reliably verify the transactions so that no real sale is marked false.

Step 5: Payment Authorization

Payment authorization occurs after RapidCents receives a payment request from a customer. The system conducts a background check with the customer’s issuing bank to determine whether the customer has sufficient funds in their account and whether the credit card has been reported lost or stolen . During this period of the payment cycle, RapidCents sends the transaction information, such as the explicit credit card details and the transaction units, to the issuing bank via a secure network .

The issuing bank verifies the transaction with the customer’s credit or available account balance and decides whether or not to approve the payment. If the issuing bank approves the payment, it issues an authorization code to RapidCents, signifying that the transaction is legitimate and the merchant can reserve the funds. If the payment is declined, the customer is informed, and the transaction is terminated .

Authorization, therefore, minimizes the risk of chargebacks. A chargeback refers to the process by which a customer reports a transaction to their issuing bank after approving the payment. Chargebacks are a risk to the organization’s revenue.

It takes between one day and 45 days to receive a chargeback alert and follow up with the process . Through authorization, RapidCents ensures the transaction is valid and the customer has enough money to make the purchase. Consequently, cardholders have peace of mind since they can ascertain that their money is safe.

Moreover, authorization ensures that the business receives its payment. Letting a customer authorize a payment is a noble idea. The money is left pending the transaction, even if the entire equilibrium is done later.

This offers the business with a constant and predictable loan.

Step 6: Funds Settlement

Once the payment has been validated and confirmed as legitimate, the settlement process is initiated. During settlement, RapidCents will withdraw funds from the customer’s bank account and deposit the equivalent amount into the merchant’s bank account . The settlement process usually involves the following steps:

Batch processing: The merchant acquirer batches all the validated high-risk transactions that have been received throughout the day, which are then sent to the merchant’s acquirer for processing.

Clearing and interchange: The merchant’s acquirer, on behalf of the card networks, processes the transactions where the funds are transferred from the customer’s issuing bank to the merchant acquirer . The above steps complete the clearing and interchange process.

Funding: The merchant acquirer will fund the merchant’s account with the total amount of validated high-risk transactions received, less any deductions or fees. The above step ensures that the funds have become available for the merchant. The timeframe during which the funds will be accessible by the merchant will depend on several conditions, including the payment gateway’s terms, the merchant’s acquirer, or the settlement method chosen.

Funds may take between one to three working days to be credited to the merchant’s bank account.

Fees charged on the settlement process include: processing fees; payment gateways charge a processing fee to cover for the payment processing. 

interchange fees: paid to the bank issuer for using their payment network 

other fees: include chargeback, monthly service fee or setup fees. Merchants must understand the settlement charges to ensure that the costs are not only transparent but also correctly matched for accounting purposes.

Step 7: Reporting and Analytics

Tracking credit card transactions and analyzing the recorded data often are instrumental in how well a business knows its performance and its customers. Additionally, the data obtained from the transaction provides considerable insight, which can enhance a business decision-making process and improve the overall company’s functionality. There are various reasons as to why tracking and analyzing credit card transactions can be of great assistance to a business.

They include: Accurate visibility. Business has proper Insights of all its revenue streams through tracking transactions. It allows accurate financial reporting and planning. Fraud detection .

Tracking and analyzing the transaction helps detect a possible fraudulent process, thus preventing any financial loss.

Customer behavior. From analysis of the transaction, a company can use this data to know the customer preferences, trend, and demographic. Therefore, the business can customize its services depending on the customers’ wants and trend.

Inventory Management. Tracking will help a business to identify popular services or products. This will help the company to optimize its inventory level and avoid stock out of stock.

Evaluation of performance. Through analyzing, a business can conclude which promotion is working best and what requires improving. Moreover giving a business access to more data-driven tools, businesses can have more visibility of their card transactions. RapidCents provide users with powerful reporting and analytics tools that are easy to use.

The reporting and analytics tools will offer:  Transaction history sales trends customer insight settlement reports custom reports. The collected data will help a business to optimize card processing as follow.


Finally, as the final remark, driving free traffic to your online store is critical to increasing sales and profitability. Through the effective application of strategies such as Search engine optimization , content marketing, social media marketing, influencer marketing, email marketing, leveraging online communities, and guest blogging, you will attract the right customer traffic to your online store and improve its visibility. Therefore, you need RapidCents resources to manage payment processing and ensure that your efforts to drive traffic do not go to waste.

RapidCents provides safe and reliable payment solutions that make payment processing much easier. Therefore, you can rest assured about payment issues when you partner with RapidCents.

Online Payment is now a piece of cake.

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