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OC Transpo Is Going Provide Contactless Fair Payment System To The Riders

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OC Transpo otherwise known as Ottawa-Carleton Transportation Commission is basically a public transportation agency in Canada. It provides service for the people living in Ottawa, Ontario. Well, COVID-19 has changed the entire ecosystem of payment. Therefore, considering the present situation, OC Transpo is bringing contactless payment system for the riders. The riders will be able to make an online payment for the O-train and bus with just one tap. They just need to tap the credit card over the advanced payment equipment. After that, the transaction will be automatically completed.

Well, the riders will be able to use this service by the next year. OC Transpo has made a deal with Scheidt and Bachmann in order to implement the contactless fare payment system. The company will test as well as develop this new technology for the next few months. According to the company, the new technology will be ready for all by the end of 2021.

After the implementation of the new technology, OC Transpo will have the technologically advanced fare payment system in the country. The transport agency has already included dynamic and advanced payment options such as Presto cards and cash payment.

After the arrival of COVID-19, people are maintaining social distancing strictly. Therefore, the foremost of this technology is to mitigate the contact points. It will help them to cope up with the present situation. Moreover, advanced technology will definitely provide riders with a seamless experience. Ultimately, OC Transpo will be able to create a solid impression upon the riders.

According to the company, the new payment terminals will be able to accept various forms of payment such as MasterCard, Visa, and many more. People can also make payments with their smartphones. Yes, the new payment terminal supports mobile wallet payment such as Samsung Pay, Google Pay and Apple Pay. Initially, it will be designed for the adult single-ride fares.

By the end of 2020, the riders will get the first view of this advanced payment system at OC Transpo O-Train station. It will be tested there. After the trial, the company will install it at all O-Train fair gates and on all buses.

Coun. Alan Hubley, the Chairperson of the transit commission is of the opinion that OC Transpo will deliver a positive experience to the riders after the implementation of this advanced payment terminal. The new flexible as well as customizable fare payment system will attract more customers. They will also have the option to determine the latest fair payment option.

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