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The Benefits of Using an Online Food Ordering System for Restaurants

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Online Food Ordering System for Restaurants

In the fast-paced digital century, when our smartphones are practically part of our own selves, the method we order food advanced radically as well. For instance, did you also recognize that last year, Canadians spent $4.7 billion on online food orders ? The number implies not only the increasing acceptance of online food ordering – it additionally verifies to the progressing strikes of Canadians from coast to coast. This is a substantial figure worrying yet one more stunning hit to the industry: online food ordering.

Convenience for Customers

Living in a fast-paced, do-it-all world, and convenience is the order of the day. From within the universe of customer convenience, online food ordering systems are the undisputed royalty. In today’s world, ordering food has never been easier. Sounds thrilling, doesn’t it? Here’s how it actually fascinates people’s interests:

Discover the menus at your leisure

Imagine yourself sitting at home after a tiring day and craving your favorite local Thai dish. Forget to look up your address or phone number. Instantly open the restaurant’s current menu on your computer, trackpad, or smartphone. The digital meal is presented quickly and easily and can be simply accessed. Often, these menus have high photo content, which provides consumers with a more pleasant browsing experience.

Accurately customize your order

So, to get spicy food, exactly what you want, how frequently have you made a mistake phoning? With online food ordering, this is not a concern. Users can readily adjust their orders with complete precision. There is no need to remember food or spice options. Not only does it make consumers delighted to eat exactly what they want, but it also makes it easier for chefs to cook the meal. This feature makes it simple for chefs and, as a result, enhances the restaurant’s efficiency.

Choose delivery or pickup; it is all up to you

Some consumers prefer to dine there while many do not. Your palate is incapable of making this decision. You have the option of dining in your own home or going to the restaurant to pick up the order. Most consumers place a conditional request for a meal in a restaurant, and the meal delivery service has improved market facilitation. Restaurant meals have been expanded with shipping options. Restaurants conveniently get to the door, and conventional meal delivery mechanisms have popped up to facilitate customer transactions.

Increased Sales and Revenue

Implementing an online food ordering system isn’t just about making purchase processes more convenient for your already loyal customers. Quite the contrary, getting an online food ordering system is a powerful tool to boost a restaurant’s sales and revenues. It remains a fantastic source of income, and in this blog post, we’ll cover how it has the power to do the following.

First, online food ordering assists in expanding your customer base. When it comes to revenue generation, this is a vital part of the process. Each physical restaurant’s potential customer pool was limited to its vicinity, which could be several blocks.

When you get online, your catchment area triples as you gain access to a market you weren’t even aware of. Precisely, you can get clients who had never noticed your existence in the first place. They can return to purchase the items you sell one more time.

Simply place, you’re checking new territories and expanding it. Second, order sizes. That a client confirms that all the products in his or her cart are correct, you’ve made millions.

Because consumers require 3 4mins to make a purchase, online ordering significantly increases the size of orders. In this case, online menus may include several combinations, so make sure you’ve put your fruits, appetizers, and steamed bowls. You aren’t concerned about the menus? Good- utilize your online menu to advertise additional items.

Invite your regulars to try new things using all available opportunities. Third, one-time sales. Finally, it’s to be noted that an online food ordering system is designed to allow operations easy.

Online Food Ordering System for Restaurants

Enhanced Order Accuracy

Order accuracy is an important determinant of customer satisfaction. In this regard, it is important to note that online ordering systems are highly accurate compared to phone orders.

Among the key reasons include: Clarity and Precision: Phone orders are subject to miscommunication due to unclear communication. First, the accents of the employees may cause confusion. In addition, back noise when another employee is speaking to a customer can interfere, thus, making it hard to identify the correct dishes.

Notably, online orders are made by the customers and thus, lack of a middleman increases the precision.

Visual Confirmation: The web orders encourage the visual confirmation process. They feed the orders back on to the screen, thus, making it easier for the customers to see. In this case, they can review and see if their choices are included and any special instructions noted.

Accuracy Checks and Automation: There is a series of checks and safeguarding included in online ordering systems. They help in flagging up potentially conflicting pathways, for example, two dishes that have the same mixture. Additionally, there is a timing trigger placed in the system, for example, the two sides of a plate combined every day.

This system minimize the possibilities that the chefs will make a mistake.

Order Confirmation: Online ordering systems have an order confirmation step. The customers can see a full summary of their order told back to them.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Based on the above discussion, it is clear that online food ordering systems work to streamline restaurant operations and increase efficiency. First, they play a vital role in order management. With most phone orders resorting to paper tickets or manual entry to particularly POS system, there levels of inefficiency and error are high.

On the flip side, online ordering systems are compatible with restaurant POS systems. Once a customer places an order, the restaurant, through the POS system transmits them to the kitchen. Therefore, there is minimal entry of data, thus less error from transcription.

Secondly, it reduces the reliance on phone lines. Through calling for food orders, restaurants receive numerous calls, especially during peak hours. As such, customers may get busy signals or have their orders on hold due to missed calls.

Online food ordering reduced the traffic on phone lines, thus employees can focus on other activities. This ensures that every customer gets undivided attention and is never on hold for long. Thirdly, a restaurant’s online food ordering system is instrumental in economics.

Evidently, on labor leverage, lower labor is required to maintain order accuracy and customer satisfaction. It implies that close to 15% is saved annually, which amounts to huge sums. Essentially, this means a reduction of not less than 3 employees a year.

Finally, it includes inventory management. Most of these systems provide the owner with available ingredients to base the demand on them.

Better Data and Analytics

Apart from streamlining the order process, online food ordering systems can offer an additional treasure chest of information. Firstly, information on customer behavior, preferences, orders, and the time for ordering – broadly speaking, online food ordering systems can track the number of likes on a specific dish, identify the time when customers order most frequently, and identify customers’ demographic features. In turn, information on customer behavior allows restaurants to adjust the supply and marketing strategy .

Secondly, online food ordering systems can also capture information that can be used in marketing. Thus, restaurants can address specific clients or maintain personal invitations , which lead to an additional increase in loyalty. Thirdly, it is menu optimization, and online food ordering systems allow collecting payments and making decisions.

In other words, restaurant owners are now able to identify the least bought meal, cook a rating dish, and adjust costs. Data can also help in making decisions, that is, what will need to be expanded the delivery zone or restaurant parking, and what, on the contrary, should be minimized – in general, the principle of use optimization. Fourthly, it is support for the choice of a solution.

In fact, despite the rich selection of solutions, some begin to act inappropriately and at a certain point, anticipate repeated sales or expansion. The information will be in due course in order to make an informed choice. Fifth, it is tracking the basic indicator, and instead of making the right decisions about restaurant actions, it is essential to take care of tracking indicators.

Currently, online food ordering systems can be used to track sales, feedback, and rating prices.

Online Food Ordering System for Restaurants

Integration with Delivery Services

In order to achieve this, many online food ordering systems allow restaurants to decide between using a third-party delivery service, such as UberEats or DoorDash, and offering in-house delivery . Each of these options has its unique benefits. If a delivery is chosen:

1) Expanded customer reach. Linking a restaurant to a third-party delivery service allows it to reach a vast customer base that the service has already built. Consumers who frequently use these services to order delivery are more likely to discover and order from your restaurant . This helps generate new sales and promotes brand awareness.

2) Convenience and dependability. Using third-party delivery is a dependable and convenient method for restaurants to offer delivery services, particularly if their property lacks this infrastructure . A delivery service takes care of all delivery logistics, driver costs, and customer inquiries, allowing restaurant owners to focus on the quality of their food and managing the kitchen.

In-house delivery vs delivery. Offering in-house delivery offers a restaurant owner much more control over the delivery of a product. This includes ensuring the quality of the product and getting the product delivered promptly, which is critical for customer satisfaction.

In-house delivery enables aim better alignment with operational processes and branding. A mixture of the two. Most restaurants make use of both third-party delivery services and delivery.

This arrangement allows the restaurant to reach a larger audience through the delivery service’s app while still allowing them to maintain control over their brand and product quality. Possible problems and how they can be fixed. However, with delivery comes potential issues.

These include commission fees, brand damage, and decreased product quality. To address these problems:

1) Negotiations on commission fees. Restaurants should bargain with a delivery service to get a lower commission fee and maximize the benefits of the service’s consumer base. Adequate representation of the brand. Use higher-quality pictures and more engaging menu design for the platforms where the restaurant is seen, with equally high-quality menu descriptions, the order takes place through a website.

2) Comprehensive quality control and food packaging. Investing in proper training and high-quality packaging is the best way to prevent this . If the product arrives at the customer’s door the same way whether it be takeaway or delivery, the customer is likely to order a second time, and so on.

3) Efficient delivery management. Optimize routes and delivery times using technology. 

Contactless and Pandemic-Friendly Options

While the COVID-19 pandemic emphasized the importance of contactless ordering and delivery, this is only one of the areas where these options have space. The importance of contactless delivery and ordering cannot be overestimated due to several reasons: . 

Health and safety. Once there is a pandemic, everyone has to avoid as much physical contact as possible, and that includes even take-out food. Hence, contactless ordering and delivery are made to diminish the chance of transition while feeling safer in this regard for the clients and the restaurant staff . 

Customer assurance. With the help of contactless delivery, you also ensure that the clients do not feel compromised connecting to your restaurant in the times of uncertainty. The sense of security is critical for them, and thus it has to be a paramount priority for your business. . 

Legal and industry regulations. Many countries have inclinations for contactless transactions being unavoidable due to the need to prevent the virus’ transmission. So, it is crucial nowadays to avoid possible fines and to avoid a cognitional violation for the reputation of the restaurant. . 

Changeable customer perceptions. Apart from the pandemic, people got used to more and more contactless activity; hence this trend will continue even further, with customers asking for it. How online ordering systems support safety and hygiene Online ordering systems provide support for safety and hygiene with the help of certain features . 

Physical contact reduction. Online ordering offers a massive decrease in physical contact, as the clients do not need to come to the restaurant, handle menus, or cash with their hands. 

Contactless payment. Many online ordering systems are facilitating the use of credit cards and several tools for the same — this is another brilliant way for the clients to avoid using cash. 

Remote ordermg. With something as published as remote purchasing and temporary parking, clients can feel safer by ordering in their vehicles. Growing demand for contactless solutions. The demand for contactless solutions is growing, hence forming a new trend in the restaurant industry : because The customers find it familiar, comfortable and safe. Therefore, the chance of expecting them will hardly be possible.

Cost and ROI Considerations

There are few costs associated with implementing an online food ordering system that restaurant owners should consider: 

Initial setup costs: this can range from software licensing fees, website or app development costs, and any required hardware, such as tablets for order management. Depending on the complexity of the system and if it is premade or custom, such expenses may vary. 

Transaction fees: online food ordering platforms often include transaction fees for each order processed on their system. It can be a small percentage of the value of the order or a fixed fee per transaction. It is necessary to include these costs in the pricing strategy. 

Marketing and promotion costs: additional costs may be required to draw consumers and maintain them. Online advertising campaigns, discounts or promotions, and a unique website or app may all be part of the strategy. Insights on ROI and long-term cost savings: However, implementing an online food ordering system may be costly at first. It offers many advantages and savings in the long term: 

Increased Sales and Revenue: online food ordering can significantly improve sales and revenue. The rise in revenue and size of orders can easily cover the initial setup and transaction costs. 

Reduced Labor Costs: an online ordering system that is set up properly cuts down on the time needed to manage phone orders, resulting in less or slowed hiring of additional staff. 

Lower Error Rate: lower remake and refund costs, wasted ingredients can be beneficial in the long run. 

Enhanced Data-Driven Decision-Making: businesses make the most reasonable choices about their menu, pricing, and marketing based on the data. 

Customer Loyalty and Repeat Business


The advantages of online food ordering systems for restaurants are numerous. From convenience for your customers to enhanced sales and marketing, an online food ordering system is the way to go. Additionally, it wholly benefits you and boosts sales and decision-making, not to forget contactless services that keep customers safe and cater to the current needs. Therefore, when considering the future of your restaurant, you see the benefit of online food ordering systems.

From enhanced sales to operations, the effect is visible. The choice not only makes your restaurant business prosper but also helps to secure your position in the ever-competitive restaurant sector. Enjoy the process of deriving the benefits an online food ordering system can bring your restaurant business.

Are you raring to see the benefits your restaurant will get from this amazing system? RapidCents can help; register with us to benefit from the outstanding services and innovative solutions for your restaurant. Plan to evolve your restaurant business with the revolutionary approach to food ordering.

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