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Online Ordering vs. Third-Party Delivery Apps: Which is Better for Your Restaurant?

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The inception of online ordering systems has transformed the manner in which customers connect with their most-loved eateries. A superb meal could be on its way to your front door with just a few taps on your smartphone or a few clicks on your computer. This evolution renders restaurant ownership with an unparalleled opportunity to extend their services, boost consumer experiences, and, not to mention, heighten profitability.

Conversely, this advanced technology has forced restaurant operators to make a vital decision: should they opt to use 3rd party delivery apps or design their online ordering system? This predicament is synonymous with selecting which ingredients to incorporate in your novel signature dish-it could significantly impact how the business will taste and ultimately feel. This alarming alert is precisely where this broad exploration comes in. We’ll analyze the positives and downsides of each option to paint an accurate picture of the online food ordering environment, with a particular emphasis on a Restaurant Online Ordering System RapidCents and will share why we think it’s an excellent fit for the continually changing culinary industry.

The Pros and Cons of Third-Party Delivery Apps

The restaurant landscape is increasingly becoming dynamic, and the emergence of third-party delivery apps has become both a blessing and a curse. I will discuss the pros and cons of these apps to help you understand their impacts on your restaurant.


 Convenience Redefined Undoubtedly, one of the obvious benefits of the third-party apps is enhanced convenience to consumers. In a world overwhelmed by time constraints, the apps provide a quick way to satisfy one’s hungry stomach . After logging into the app via your smartphone, you can explore countless restaurants, make a choice, and the meals will be delivered to your doorstep within a few minutes or less. Such an offer is appealing to your customers, who are looking for a seamless meal experience. 

Access to a Vast User Base Third-party delivery apps have a wide-user base, composed of people from all walks of life. As such, they enable your restaurant to be visible to clients who could not have discovered your joint through the traditional route. With the apps, your business can be linked to more people, enhancing the visibility of your business. 

Entry for New Restaurants If your restaurant has been trading offline, the third-party app can be a straightforward entrance into the digital world. As this site argues, these apps provide an easier way to set up online ordering, and thus ideal for small and local businesses to integrate into the digital world.


Commission Fees Even though third-party apps may help drive sales to your restaurant, it comes at a fee- a significant one if I may say. The apps typically charge you a commission fee for every order processed through their platform, which can add up to significant amounts that will ultimately reduce your profit margins, particularly if you operate a business with low margins. 

Loss of Control By using the apps, you lose a certain level of control over the overall meal experience. The performance of the third-party delivery universities, from the order process to the delivery, will reflect to your business. Thus, if the courier was not accurate or delivered the food late, customers will hold it against your business, even if the error was beyond your command. 

Potential Brand Dilution and Data Loss . Third-party apps can accidentally dilute your brand and unique selling points due to listing other restaurants in the same platform. Moreover, these apps own the rights to customer data, making it difficult to create meaningful relationships with your customers. Failure to possess client data will restrict your promotional strategies and customer interactions.

The Benefits of RapidCents Restaurant Online Ordering System

RapidCents Restaurant Online Ordering System is much more than an alternative to third-party delivery apps; it is a powerful and versatile tool that can supercharge your restaurant business.

Here are the numerous benefits of using this innovative solution: More customization and branding RapidCents knows that your restaurant’s brand identity is more than just a logo – it is who you are. With our software, you can make your online storefront look just the way you want. Start with choosing your colors – we allow you to fully integrate your brand color scheme, logos, and style into the digital sphere.

The brand identity in your app is consistent with the visual representation of your business from start to finish. The same goes for your customers – they will recognize your style and logo on your storefront. Ability to create and customize your menu and promos Being with RapidCents means you can change your menus and promos at any time.

Rather than being bound by a specific template, you can customize your offerings depending on what’s selling well, what’s forgotten in the fridge, what’s trending, or even what’s fun. From introducing time-sensitive offers to highlighting your most popular dishes, you can make sure that your business has the versatility needed to adapt to business conditions. Your app and website Not only are you getting online ordering for your restaurant, but you will also receive an app and website under your logo.

This is not merely a convenience – it is an investment in your restaurant’s face. Customers can easily find you and browse your menu and order right from your platform. This way, RapidCents helps you put your best face forward and make ordering easy.


Transparent Pricing: Predicting costs is a benefit of RAPIDCENTS because you will have clear pricing that allows you to create a solid budget. It has no hidden fees or sneaky costs. You can estimate accurately, providing you with the opportunity to make sound financial decisions for your restaurant.

Low or No Commission Fees Every Time: A direct consequence of costing savings is how RAPIDCENTS does not charge ridiculous commission fees. Encouraging you to realize the potential of your profits, third-party delivery applications always take a huge percentage of money. It can be life-changing for restaurants, particularly those that struggle to profit, whether you want to reinvest in your restaurant or provide competitive pricing in the market to create more orders.

Potential for a Higher ROI: Finally, not only do you keep your profits, but you can also increase your ROI. RAPIDCENTS online ordering enables you to reconnect with clients actively. Thus, this solution is more likely to lead to greater customer retention and more sales due to more stimulating times.

Data and Customer Insights

Customer Data and Insights: RapidCents is not only the platform through which your customers can place orders but is also a hub of valuable customer data and insights. This platform provides you valuable customer information that they may not provide you directly, including ordering patterns, preferences, and contact information. This information can be invaluable to frame marketing strategies, offers based on customer preferences, and enhancing the customer experience.

Loyal Customer Base: Using this data, the operators can reach their customer proactively. The capabilities of SmartCents enable the operator to send targeted offers, repeat customer discount offers, and recommendations that are in alignment with the customer’s preferences. This infrastructure can transform the one-time customer to a loyal customer who may not browse a menu before deciding the item of their choice.

Data-Driven Decision Making: In the restaurant industry, data-driven decision-making is the only way forward. RapidCents provides you that detailed overview of customer behavior, impacts on menu offering, and sales trends. With real-time data analysis, you can further fine-tune operations and enhance the dining experience.

Making the Choice: Factors to Consider

To sum up the journey the restaurant owner must take before choosing between RapidCents Restaurant Online Ordering System and third-party delivery apps, there are several crucial factors to consider. The first factor is the type and size of the restaurant: tailoring the solution to your restaurant. Indeed, the decision of whether to choose RapidCents or third-party delivery apps is by no means universal: it depends on the type and size of the restaurant.

Thus, if a small independent bistro or a family-owned pizzeria chooses RapidCents, it will enhance the restaurant’s image. Afterward, another factor is a financial implication: cost analysis. As one may see, one of the most critical and pivotal factors is cost analysis.

Indeed, commission fees of third-party apps are extremely high which leads to gradual profitability declines. On the other hand, RapidCents offers an opportunity to enhance repeat purchases due to customer loyalty. Finally, there is the customer experience equation to consider.

One of the fundamental aspects is the impact of customer experience on the success of the restaurant business. Therefore, RapidCents-based approach enhances the customer experience due to the user-friendly ordering process specially designed for the restaurant image.


Are you now eager to learn more or eager to explore what RapidCents Restaurant Online Ordering System has to offer? Please visit our website to discover more about how RapidCents can transform your restaurant’s website. Please begin your free trial or book a meeting with our amazing team to find out how you can customize RapidCents for your restaurant. If you require more help, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team. Your restaurant’s e-business transformation begins here.

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