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Online Payment Terminals: The Ultimate Choice During The Pandemic

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In this complicated time, Rapidcents wants to help the small merchants. Apart from this, this virtual platform supports business communities across the country. Talking about the primary focus, well, we at Rapidcents make sure that merchants get uninterrupted and continual delivery of the payment services so that they can accept payments without having any problem from the consumers. However, if we talk about the problem of the current situation, there are many merchants who do not have good knowledge about online payment terminals. They are still using outdated payment methods. As a result, they are suffering a lot in this pandemic situation.

We at Rapidcents believe that the ecosystem of different businesses is different. But, when it comes to accepting payments and maintaining the cash flow, you need digital payment terminals. In this crazy situation, people are doing contactless payments and online payments. So, if you do not have online payment terminals, you are not in a good situation. Anyway, here, we have explained how online payment terminals of Rapidcents are assisting small merchants during COVID-19. We hope it would help you to understand the ecosystem of online payment terminals.

Although the nation is experiencing a pandemic situation, there will be no interruptions from the end of Rapidcents. The Rapidcents team will work remotely and thus, it will continue delivering satisfactory service to its existing merchants.

Online Payment Terminals

Well, the present condition is not good at all for the merchants. However, online payment tools are assisting businessmen in this crazy situation. Merchants having online payment terminals are not having much problem when it comes to receiving payments online. Anyway, the Government of Canada has taken efficient measures to help the small businesses. If you are a merchant, you must check up the local government websites. You will get up-to-date information from there and it will definitely improve your condition.

Now, coming back to the online payment terminals, these tools are something that is helping the merchants in various ways. Well, these tools are not only designed for the pandemic situation. These are future-oriented payment tools and therefore, they will assist you in the post-pandemic era.

If you are a merchant, you have probably realized that the customers are mitigating the card-present spending. They are mostly choosing online payment methods as they are secure as well as reliable. The merchants will have to understand the new mindset of the customers. If your business does not have payment equipment that does not support card-not-present transactions, your business will not grow.

With online payment tools, the transactions get completed within a few seconds. The customers put the card details and the payment gateway sends it to the payment processor. After that, the card brand and the bank get the information. They verify the credentials and the bank checks the available funds. After this, the transaction gets approved. The merchant processor solution gets an approval message from the bank and after this, this virtual platform settles the payment. Well, the merchants get the payment within 1 or 2 business days in their merchant bank account.

Online Payment Tools Opening Up New Ways Of Doing Business

The online payment tools are really helping small businesses. Now, people are shopping online and so, most merchants are opening online stores. Now, integrating the Rapidcents payment system with your online store is very easy. Apart from this, you can use a virtual terminal. Yes, if you are looking pocket-friendly way to step into the digital payment ecosystem, a virtual terminal will be an ideal option. It supports card-not-present transactions. So, you do not have to visit the house of the customers. You can ask for the card details via text message or email. After this, you can put the details into the virtual payment user interface and the payment will be completed.

With the help of online payment terminals, you can also send an online invoice to your consumers. If you are providing any kind of service, you can send a detailed invoice to your customers after completing the service. There will be a ‘pay now’ option and therefore, the customers can make direct payment from there. Along with these, the merchants can also start a fully-hosted online store.

Online payment tools are helping the following businesses in this pandemic situation in diverse ways:

  • Health and Wellness
  • Automotive Industry
  • Home Services And Contractors
  • Professional Services
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Businesses
Not A Rapidcents Merchant?

Rapidcents is really a trusted online payment processor. This platform has been helping small businesses for years. As of now, you have understood how online payment terminals are assisting small businesses. Now, if you are someone who wants to pair these tools with their business, you need a reliable merchant processor solution such as Rapidcents. This platform offers 24×7 customer support and along with this, it adds full value to every transaction.

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