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Pay With Your Face Introduced By PopID- Is It Cool Or Creepy?

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Pay with your face is a remarkable invention in the sphere of online payment. With the betterment of technology, we have got new technology shaping our lives positively. Credit card transactions, debit card transactions and mobile wallet transactions are some extraordinary ways of making online bill payments. But, paying with our face is beyond our imagination.

Well, an individual’s identity verification company, PopID has introduced a new online payment system where customers can make payments by showing their faces. Yes, it is a Pasadena based company and it is probably the first facial recognition payment system. Customers can make payments at restaurant outlets, retail shops and many more with the help of this technology.

How Does It Work?

When it comes to functionalities, the company has kept it very simple. However, the merchants must have a PopID payment terminal such as PopID kiosk or PopID enabled table in order to accept payment through face recognition. If the customer wants to use ‘pay with your face’ feature, the person first needs to register their face Pop Pay account. After that, they have to link their credit card or debit card or bank account in order to cash to the wallet.

Whenever customers need to use pay with your face feature, they will have to look at the camera that is installed in the PopID kiosk or tablet. The merchant will verify important information such as name and many more. After the verification, the transaction amount will be deducted from the bank account.

Well, the company has yet rolled out the pay with your face feature worldwide. As of now, it is available in Los Angeles in some limited outlets.

The best part of such a transaction is that customers do not need to carry credit cards with them. They do not need to hold their mobile phones over the payment terminal. The overall payment process becomes easy and quick. You just need to show your face in order to complete your online payment. There will not be any additional burden.

Payment experts are of the opinion that it is a very well-secured payment process. The fraudsters will not be able to copy the credit card details as the credit cards will not be exposed in pay with your face process.

Well, the transaction process will remain the same here. The initial process will be different. However, the company is trying its best to expand this feature. But, due to this pandemic situation, customers across the country will have to wait to get the taste of this feature.

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