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PayPal And eBay Are offering Attractive Cashback Offers For Selected Customers

PayPal and eBay are offering attractive cashback offer to some selected customers. If you are someone who loves online shopping, this might be a good time for you. If you love credit card transactions, you can add eBay and PayPal credit card s to your wallet. Considering the present situation where social distancing has become mandatory, people are giving more importance to online transactions. Therefore, amid this critical situation, these companies have become a blessing in disguise.

4% Cashback To Selected New PayPal Cardholders

Well, PayPal is offering 4% cash back for the new customers. The new cardholders will get 4% cash back for making online purchases. They will get it every day for the first 90 days. Some important information associated with this offer are as follows:

  • Everyone Is Not Eligible: Unfortunately, this offer is not for everyone. If you see the offer after logging into your PayPal account, you can avail of the benefits. Well, the fact is that, this is a kind of promotional offer and PayPal is targeting a certain number of customers.
  • There Is A Limit: Well, there is a limit and that is a kind of negative aspect of this offer. You will get 4% cash back on up to $5000 spending. That means you will be able to get cash back up to $200.
eBay Is Offering 30 Days Welcome Bonus

Well, on the other side, eBay is offering 30 days welcome bonus. If you are a frequent online buyer, eBay MasterCard will be an ideal option for you. The new offer is in the form of a $150 statement credit. You can use this only after spending $500 within 30 days of opening your eBay account. Some important information associated with this offer are as follows:

  • Customers Must Have An Active eBay Account: Well, if you are interested in the eBay-branded new credit card, you must create an eBay account. This will not be a tough move for you.
  • You Don’t Need To Stick To eBay For $500 Purchase: The good thing is that you will don’t have to spend your entire $500 on eBay. You can spend it anywhere you want. But, that platform must accept MasterCard. Otherwise, you will not be able to get the $150 statement credit.

Moreover, you will get a 5x reward point if you spend more than $1000 in a year. Along with it, you will 2x reward point on restaurant, grocery and gas purchases.

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