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The Impact Of International Payment Gateway On The Business Growth Of Merchants

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International payment gateway is helping the merchants in diverse ways. Merchants are trying their best to grow their business in the 21st century. The market has become very competitive. Moreover, the pandemic situation has made everything more challenging. The customers are not visiting the offline store. Instead of coming out of their house for shopping, they are giving more focus on online shopping platforms. Amid this challenging situation, the small merchants do not have many options through which they can achieve stability in their business.

We at Rapidcents understand the condition very well. Therefore, we always promote online business. Well, the online business structure is not a new thing. Unfortunately, merchants were not giving importance to this specific platform. They were happy with their offline marketplace. But, the pandemic situation has changed the entire ecosystem. However, there are many small merchants who are using the online marketplace nowadays. In fact, they are observing a huge growth in their business. At this point, you might be doing business domestically. But, you might be shocked to know that you can even do business with international clients. Yes, you can extend your business internationally. Run into the following points to discover more about this.

International Payment Gateway

The international payment gateway is a kind of online payment gateway that allows the merchant to accept online payment from international customers. It does not matter what payment mode the consumer is using, you will not have any problem to accept payments online from the customers.

Types Of Payment Gateway

There are different types of international payment gateways available. If you want to step into the atmosphere of online business, you must know about the different types of payment gateways. We have highlighted them here.

Redirect Payment Gateway

Well, if you are running a small business, this international payment gateway can be very helpful for you. You do not need any heavy set up in your online marketplace in this condition. It is a kind of third party payment gateway. You will have to open a merchant account under this payment processor and you are done. When the customers want to check out, they will be redirected to the payment page of your merchant processor solutions. On that page, the customers can complete their transactions. In terms of simplicity, it is the best option. But, the merchants do not have enough control over the transaction process. Moreover, it adds an additional step in the process of online transactions for customers. Therefore, if you go with this particular option, your marketplace might not create a good impression upon the customers.

Off-Site Payment Gateway

This is another good option for merchants who want simplicity as well as a professional look. Well, in the case of an off-site payment gateway, the customers will not be redirected to any other payment page. The checkout option will occur in your marketplace. But, if we talk about the credit card payment processing system, it will be done in the back-end of the merchant. Like the redirect payment gateway, you will not be able to control the user’s experience. Your business will rely on the quality of the off-site international payment gateway.

On-Site International Payment Gateway

If you want to uplift your business practically, this will be the best option for you. Mostly, merchants who have been doing business on a large-scale are using this payment gateway. The payment checkout and the card processing will be done through your system. You can fully control the user’s experience through this international payment gateway. According to a survey, merchants having on-site international payment gateway are getting better outcomes than other payment gateways. The on-site payment gateway makes the online transaction process smoother. The customers will not have to leave your online marketplace to complete the card transaction. It actually creates a good impression upon them. Most consumers abandon their carts if they face complications during the checkout process. So, if you want the best result, you can go with the on-site international payment gateway.

Benefits Of Embracing International Payment Gateway

There are so many benefits that you will get after embracing the international payment gateway. We have highlighted the benefits here. So, go through them.

Secure Transactions

Well, when it comes to accepting international payment through an international payment gateway, you will not have to worry. Everything is secured and safe. You will not have to face any crooked situation.

Get More Customers

International payment gateway actually increases the diameter of your business. Yes, you can do business with international clients. If they satisfactory service from you, they will become your repeat customers.

Not A Rapidcents Merchant?

So, you have realized the importance of having an international payment gateway. Rapidcents is a renowned international payment gateway provider. There are many merchants who are successfully doing running their internet business with the help of the Rapidcents. So, what are you waiting for? Become a Rapidcents merchant today and join the network of successful online merchants.

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