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Walmart Started Membership Service For Competing With Amazon

Walmart is a multinational corporation that operates the chain of department stores, grocery stores and hypermarkets. Considering the present situation where e-commerce business is booming, Amazon has become one of the greatest competitors of Walmart. Yes, it is a fact that the e-commerce market has become highly competitive. Amid this critical situation, top brands must implement new business strategies to cope up with the situation.

Amazon has already started its Prime service where customers will get free delivery. Along with this, they will get high-quality digital content and Amazon Music. However, all these things helped Amazon to elevate their business to the next level. Now, Walmart does not want to keep itself out of this track. The company has recently announced that they are going to offer Walmart membership service. The customers will get free delivery.

Well, the Walmart premium service is limited to its grocery service. Customers will not have to pay a delivery charge for ordering grocery items. The company keeps its prime membership price very competitive. Yes, they are offering it at %98 whereas the cost of Amazon Prime service is $119. However, the customers will have to order over $35 to waive off the delivery charge. In the case of Amazon Prime service, there is no minimum order. Customers will get free delivery even for making a small purchase.

However, this might not make a difference as the service of this company will be on a different level. According to the company, the products will be delivered to the customer’s home directly from the store. The Company will not compromise with the quality of the products.

Walmart said that more than 160,000 items are qualified for free shipping. When it comes to the grocery business, Walmart is quite ahead of others. It has a huge number of physical stores located in different places. Customers will always get fresh products. The best thing is that the cost of the items will be lower than its competitors.

Customers having Walmart premium service will also get discounts on gas at Walmart affiliated gas stations. Janey Whiteside, the chief customer officer of Walmart is of the opinion that they are developing a product that can fulfill the requirements of the customers. The different customer has a different type of requirement. Therefore, it will take time to get the best outcome.

Well, Walmart will not offer any streaming service. But, the customers can pay on a monthly basis. In the case of Amazon Prime, the customers have the annual fee in the beginning. But, there is flexibility in the case of the Walmart Membership service plan.

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