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Why Your Restaurant Needs an Online Takeaway Ordering System in 2023

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Online Takeaway Ordering System

Since well before I was born, for generations, the smell of a sizzling burger along with the buzz of a restaurant full of people was part of the dining experience. However, the restaurant industry has undergone some major changes recently. As of 2023, a novel key element in all restaurants is the new third-party dimension. 51% of Canadians order food online from a third-party platform 2 to 4 times a month. Necessity and convenience drive this increase that will have dramatic effects on dining habits . The answer: a well-built and protected online takeaway ordering solution.

The Changing Landscape of the Restaurant Industry

The restaurant industry has experienced a significant evolution in the course of the last several years. While previously, one’s meal was met with dining in as the primary means of consumption, the ongoing and rapid shift to off-premises has become a factor to notice. This transition has occurred under a variety of influences, the most significant of which can be considered the COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to lockdown restrictions, social distancing limitations, and an overall fear of infection, restaurants were presented with an ultimatum to adopt changes or experience failure . The restaurant industry has faced a level of takeout and delivery demand that has exceeded anything seen before. The cornerstone of dining-in services was overtaken by an outbreak of online ordering.

The changes that have occurred as a result of the pandemic are the result of the birth of a new evolutionary era. The pandemic, the taking over of digital system use, has had an inherent role in it. The Humboldt State University recognizes it by underlining that online ordering had a huge impact on the restaurant industry.

The pandemic played a role in fulfilling the transition mentioned earlier, and it is also referred to as the catalyzer. With a significant reduction of the number of working dining rooms, restaurateurs were forced to adapt. Many of them made an effort to save themselves by launching takeaway order systems online.

At the onset, it was supposed to be a phenomenon present only temporarily, but the same source points out that “as the general public embraced the ability of online ordering, it became a habit that continued long after dine-in rules were lifted” .

Benefits of an Online Takeaway Ordering System

Convenience for Customers

The level of convenience that online takeaway ordering systems offer to customers is simply mind-blowing. In the hectic lifestyle of the contemporary world, where people cherish their time more than ever before, the opportunity to order a delicious meal from their preferred restaurant by simply tapping their finger or clicking a button is extremely valuable. No longer do customers have to put up with traffic jams, waste time looking for and paying for parking, and then waiting in line to place their order.

Instead, they can visit their chosen restaurant’s website or application, browse their menu and order exactly what they want in a matter of minutes from the comfort of their couch, office, or wherever they happen to be. Furthermore, such systems frequently deliver functionality such as saved orders, which allows users to reorder their preferred meal with the least amount of effort possible. Therefore, the level of convenience this entails is the primary driver behind the seeming proliferation of online takeaway ordering systems.

Not only does it ensure the maximum possible level of satisfaction for the customer, it also boosts the chances of new patrons returning to the restaurant soon enough.

Increased Sales and Revenue

However, regardless of the convenience factor for the consumers, the maximum potential online takeaway ordering provides is the ability to maximize restaurant profits. Indeed, the results speak for themselves — restaurants utilizing this option have experienced a tangible growth of sales.

The major factors involved in such growth include: greater reach; higher average orders; reduced operational costs; order accuracy; data-driven marketing. First, an opportunity to accept online orders opens a restaurant to a multi-million market. Even people who would never decide to visit the physical premise will become the regulars if ordering online.

Second, dishes look mouthwatering on online menus, with a picture and detailed description. This, along with an ability to examine the entire menu leisurely, often leads to a client ordering more than usual. Therefore, the average order value of an online-ordering client is higher than of an in-house diner.

Third, the overhead of running a dine-in locality is far greater than one of an online platform. Fewer staff, no need in utilities, reduction of physical space — all these mean lowered costs. Fourth, since the client submits their order themselves, it eliminates the possibility of an error on their part. Finally, fifth, an online-ordering system is a rich data source. Knowing the preferences and behavior patterns, a restaurant can target specific groups of clients, launch loyalty programs, and offer customized promotions — all ensuring growth in sales.

Operational Efficiency

However, the implementation of an online takeaway ordering system is not limited to the improved customer experience. Restaurants can benefit in many other ways due to their operational efficiency.

For instance: . Order accuracy and speed. As customers order for them online, there is no opportunity to misunderstand their wants and get them wrong. Customers are the ones to enter information, and usually, the system takes the most common and standard data the diners are expected to fill in.

Streamlined workflow. Orders may be transmitted into the kitchen display system straight away. There is no need to pass from one person to another to another to record and deliver the order to the chef. . Reduced peak hour chaos.

In peak hours, it may be challenging to remember two different types of orders from the customer “sitting inside” and “takeaway”. While the latter is still quite a common mistake, the IT system will not allow the staff to mix them up. . Resource allocation. By tracking the number and types of orders on the dashboard, the owner can see whether they need another chef in the kitchen and when. Inventory tracking. Usually, the software includes some form of stock tracking, which is useful to ensure restaurants are stocked up sufficiently.

Data and Customer Insights

Total data and several insights that online takeaway ordering systems provide are invaluable assets for any restaurant.

This is how these systems offer a variety of information sources: First, that systems capture data on customer ordering behavior. After analyzing that information, restaurants get an opportunity to identify trends, including menu items popular with the majority of users, peak ordering time, and relevant customer’s preferences . This knowledge helps optimize a menu and offer tailored promotions.

Secondly, such platform customers create profiles, thus providing the restaurant with essential demographic and contact information. Withholds help target the prospective audience, create loyalty programs, and provide personalized recommendations. Thirdly, the system stores the clients’ orders, which can be then used to recommend the customer any menus.

I speak that if a person often orders a very special pizza, a system can suggest something similar to it. Finally, online ordering systems enable customers to leave reviews and rate their experience. Restaurants can thus see which services are the least or the most popular, analyze and improve the customer experience, identify the worst customers.

Therefore, this information indicates which parts of the menu need optimization.

Online Takeaway Ordering System

Current Market Trends

The online takeaway ordering systems world is ever-evolving as the restaurant industry follows consumer preferences and technological advancements.

Below we take a closer look at the current market trends that impact it the most: .

Contactless ordering and payment: One of the most critical trends emerging in the last few years with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic is the importance of maintaining sanitary conditions in the restaurant. Therefore, contactless ordering and payment has been a top choice by many businesses. Nowadays, mobile apps, QR code menus, and other options for digital payment have become the standard as they limit physical contact between personnel and clients.

Integration with third-party delivery services: As many restaurants establish cooperation with well-known third-party delivery services, such as Uber Eats, DoorDash, or Grubhub, including these options in their system of ordering online is becoming prevalent. Thus, they can reach more customers and avoid a significant hassle of running their delivery company.

Personalized ordering and loyalty programs: Advanced ordering online systems are getting more intelligent, and they allow for providing personalized recommendations to clients. Moreover, restaurants use the information from the online system to offer the loyalty programs .

Sustainability and eco-friendly packaging: Customers pay more attention to restaurants’ environmentally friendly practices. Thus, a lot of online ordering systems now provide an opportunity to order food in an eco-friendly packaging manner or donate a certain amount of money to one of the environmental projects. This trend has shed more light on the general patterns of the industry.

Voice and AI integration: Nowadays, one can observe that voice-activated virtual assistants and AI chatbots also are part of the ordering system. Thus, the client’s order can be placed simply by having a conversation with a device or chatting with the system using their menu interface.

Overcoming Challenges

Implementing an online takeaway ordering system comes with its complexities. However, the following challenges and remedies can help a restaurant overcome them. On the other hand, the following are the main challenges of online takeaway and some of the best remedies.

Some of the challenges of online takeaway include:

Tech Implementation – it is challenging to set up the new online ordering system and technically hard. Solution: Get professional help or use platforms with total support and training,

Menu Optimization – it is hard to present the online menu in an enticing format that is easy to navigate. Solution: practice high-quality food photography and organize it in a well-planned way and easy to read .

The third one is Security in Date –

keeping customers data safe is crucial. Solution: use encryption and secure payment gateways, inventory management –

managing the inventories in-line can be a nightmare. Solution: good inventory management that integrates with the online system, operational efficiency –

managing online orders into you’re in your hectic restaurant ranks the chance of prepare chaos. Solution: create a separate office and staff for preparing and returning to experience.

Customer support, handling customer calls, and rushing to support requests is smooth. Solution: hire and appointed customer nice person and use the chatbot for routine and automatically .

Marketing, marketing to draw and retain the customers who want your online is hectic. Solution: a marketing license with social media, email marketing, and box program on special.

How to Implement an Online Takeaway Ordering System

Implementing an online takeaway ordering system can be a big step towards your restaurant’s success. However, you do not have to be overwhelmed by the process.

Here is a step-by-step guide that can help you get started and implement one successfully: Define your objective. What are you trying to achieve in the long-term with this new addition? Your objective will determine the ideal system for your business. Choose the right system.

Once you are clear on your objectives, it is easier to select an online ordering system. Be on the lookout for simple to use systems, integration capabilities, and cannot forget mobile responsive systems. Customize your menu.

Take high-quality pictures of your menu and ensure they are making potential customers salivate. Set up payment options. Do not limit how your clients pay for their orders- cash on delivery, credit cards, or digital wallets work.

Integrate with your website and mobile application. Ensure that your clients can access your menu and the ordering process is a walk in the park. Train your staff.

Instruct your staff on what they are expected to do with food ordered online. Test the system. Before you roll the system out for the public, test it.

Launch. Once you are satisfied the system is functional, do not be afraid to roll it out. Promote. Let every client know that you now accept online orders for takeouts. Monitor and adapt. You should monitor the system right from day one then adjust accordingly.

Online Takeaway Ordering System

Security and Customer Trust

As you can see, setting up an online takeaway ordering system involves certain challenges in ensuring data security and establishing customer trust.

Here is the summary of how you can implement a secure online ordering system while keeping your customer confident:

The setup an online takeaway ordering system requires:

Data security: Use robust encryption protocols during data transmission and storage. For example, SSL certificates are a common protocol used to secure online transactions. Secure financial transactions, which can be implemented through cooperation with trustworthy payment gateway companies. Compliance with all current data protection legislation depending on your geographical location and the nature of the data you possess .

Customer confidence: Establish a customer privacy policy. Inform your customers about your privacy policy and communicate how you intend to use and protect their data . React to any customer comments or enquiries regarding data security in a responsible manner.

Regular security checks and assessments of your system Vulnerability checks and fixing Protecting your employees from infection by providing training on how the data is used Exhibit trust seals. For example, a trust seal is a sign displayed on your site, enhancing your customer’s trust in you and your secure online ordering methods.

The Future of Online Takeaway Ordering Systems

The restaurant industry is always changing, and online takeaway ordering systems are leading the change.

The following are some of the possible scenarios and trends to expect for these systems in the future to keep that change going:

Artificial Intelligence and Personalization: There will be more use of artificial intelligence in online takeaway ordering systems in the future. AI will be used to analyze data about customers, make an educated guess about what they prefer, and then recommend that food to them. This provides a more personalized and engaging experience for the customer.

Voice-Activated Ordering: Voice activation software is going to become increasingly more prominent. In the future, customers can tell their phones or other connected devices their favorite order, making the entire process seamless and efficient.

Better Delivery Methods: In the future, what will be different about delivery methods? Drone and autonomous vehicle delivery will occur in the coming years. This means that they will be more efficient, quicker, and more reliable than they are now.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Practices: Given the trend towards more sustainable production, takeaway restaurants will have to invest in biodegradable packaging and eco-friendly practices. More and more customers care about the environment’s health, and you should care too.

Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence for Operations: in the future, more secondary use of predictive analytics in ‘‘big data’’ from .restaurants and AI will be in inventory management and reduction of food waste, and resulting from data from online takeaway ordering. Restaurants will also use AI to optimize staffing based on customer patterns for moving data lowering labor costs.

Augmented Reality for Menu Experiences: AR apps can be used in up to view 3D Images cooking apps. 


In light of the recent years, the restaurant industry has undergone a massive transformation, with the online takeaway ordering system taking center stage in the success story. The recount of the benefits of the system such as higher sales, operational efficiency, and insightful strategies, underscores how instrumental it will be for the future. So, it is not just an option among an array of options but an existential question for a restaurant to fetch the system in 2023 and the days further.

Ensuring operational presence, adherence to customers as they change their behavior and priorities, and keeping abreast with the technological developments are the reasons. It also improves the convenience and a sense of satisfaction and safety aspect for the customers to access their favorite dish from your restaurant. As you blueprint your restaurant’s future, consider the technology that guarantees success that beats the curve.

Take the opportunity now, relax on the online takeaway ordering option and secure a posterity today. Your customers are eager as well, where are you? The option is ready and waiting! Do you want to be part of the new dining order of 2023 and the days beyond? Now is your best time to experience the digital dining experience. Say yes to the online takeaway option with RapidCents and revolutionize your restaurant.

At RapidCents we guarantee the customer leads for more information, more secure data and the trust of your customers. Do you have your restaurant’s tomorrow from your device? Could it be more invigorating? Choose RapidCents 

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