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Rationalisation des opérations : Comment les systèmes de commande à emporter améliorent l'efficacité des restaurants canadiens

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Système de commande de plats à emporter

The Canadian restaurant industry has always been filled with excitement. However, as restaurants leverage on a takeaway ordering system, operational efficiency has become the key pillar to their success. Eateries are surrounded by a wave of dynamic challenges, which are sweeping across customer expectations, increased costs, and the demand for quick service.

The need for operational efficiency in this fast-moving discipline, where time is a constrained asset, has evolved. It has now become restaurant owners’ and chain managers’ strategic priority in Canada. The pressure of this paradigm is that most consumers in the industry hive opted for takeaway.

The trend has grown rapidly, driven by lifestyle changes and the COVID-19 pandemic, and has supplanted the conventional dining tradition. The takeaway factor has shifted from being a marginal addition to a critical revenue driver.

Le paysage actuel des restaurants canadiens

One of the apparent strengths of the Canadian culinary sector is that it is one of the most diverse and vibrant. Eateries range from small local spots and cozy cafes to high-end fine dining restaurants. It is common for citizens and visitors alike to dine out, which makes the Canadian restaurant industry a significant employer and contributor to the country’s cultural life.

The sector is reflective of the country’s multicultural identity – Canadian eatery owners and chefs offer foods from all around the world to appeal to everyone’s tastes. However, while Canadian restaurants are popular and thriving businesses, they face several challenges. One of the most evident is the rapidly changing nature of customers’ expectations.

Namely, in a world where time is the most crucial asset, clients do not only expect items ordered at a restaurant to be delicious, but they expect the service to be fast and efficient. Traditional methods of order processing, which often involve a lot of manual labor and paperwork, are inadequate in the busy world of today. In addition, time management is another challenge.

Indeed, bottlenecks can occur for many reasons, so knowing how to address them on the organizational side of things is highly beneficial. Finally, all these examples can affect customer satisfaction – clients do not return to a place where they spent more time waiting than eating. Thus, not addressing this issue is not an option.

Eateries all around Canada are realizing that the status quo is not enough : just doing what everyone else is doing is not competitive anymore. As a result, they are looking towards innovative solutions.

Comprendre les systèmes de commande à emporter

Takeaway ordering systems essentially serve as the technological appendage between a hungry food craving from a customer and a kitchen that can prepare the desire for wholesome delights. Ultimately, they are full-service platforms that streamline the ordering and service process of takeout foods. A suite of digital devices synchronized for total operational efficiency from the moment a client makes the order to when the food is prepared and they have sufficient time to collect the meals, literally.

Modern takeaway ordering systems sport the following characteristics and stand out features which revolutionize the order placement features; intuitive user interfaces for easy navigation for both clients and restaurant operators; customization features to allow the client to place an individual order or select a unique dietary combination; POS integration solutions for efficient order processing and sales track; real-time alert on the client’s order status reducing second-guessing and anxiety; a secure payment option to meet the regulatory minimum requirement; analysis and reporting for business insights allowing critical decision making. In Canada, the usage of menus in the order processing is apposite because it highlights the shift from an era when restaurants manually took orders via a phone call, in person, or less frequently via email to modern fast food orders through a mobile application . Two factors predominantly enforced this evolution.

First, the changing consumption patterns have erased broadly generated the demand for convenience. Canadian’s desire for simple ways to live their lives has a direct impact on their eating habits. Canadians demand fast foods to save time after a long day or pursue other interests.

Second, the digital revolution has made extraordinary contributions. In the age of smartphones and universal cellular connectivity, clients expect a business to facilitate access and make their lives easy. The trend of digital platforms in the Canadian fast food environment is no longer trendy; it is a fact of life.

Système de commande de plats à emporter

Avantages en termes d'efficacité opérationnelle

Takeaway ordering systems facilitate and expand the process of order taking and become a driver of operational efficiency. The majority of existing methods of order taking usually rely on a manual point-to-point entry system. This system implies human errors, inaccuracies, and delays in the order taking and delivering process.

In contrast, ordering via a takeaway system implies that the order is taken and registered with minimal human interference. It is especially important for commercial use. These systems dispatch their immediate record to the kitchen, avoiding utensil-related time lag or serving as an intermediary for the laymen or bearer received from the boycott.

First of all, it makes the order taking process faster and less risky since no one reads your backhand writings, which becomes a matter of luck for the kitchen staff. The process of delivery to the kitchen implies the accurate clarifications, which eliminate the risks for the kitchen staff. Additionally and even more importantly, it minimizes waste.

Additionally, the integration feature makes it report directly to the point-of-sale (POS) system helping the restaurant monitor popularity, sales, and stock-specific contributions. This way, the correlation between ordering and waste is also minimized. The efficiency gain reaches the kitchen element.

The shift received sends the black-out of the kitchen staff all prepared through the takeaway ordering system . This way, the cooking process is even faster, and orders do not lose their prime needs specification. Also, the waiting time for the ordering is reduced.

Thus the order stocking pickup, or the number of orders created skill and quality are above length. Here, the risk of error is minimized, whereas the in-house life order takers are to have adequate time. With the driving-ordering system, all this information is verbal in enormous capital, and the driving time in newspaper is minimal.

For example, people are deprived of their articles due to inappropriate orders.

Amélioration de l'expérience des clients

Efficiency and process optimization are at the heart of an excellent customer journey, and the role of takeaway ordering system in this regard is crucial. First, systems responsible for internal process optimization directly affect the satisfaction of customers who not only value the quality of food but also pay more and more attention to the process of interaction with a restaurant. The primary ways of how takeaway ordering system impacts customer journey are as follows.

The first and foremost is described by unmatched convenience: people can order food from home, from the office, while traveling – no human efforts or going out/ However, such flexibility of ordering reduces the current pace of life when people value every minute.

Then comes the personalization feature, which we have already discussed in the article above: people can order food online and simultaneously personalize all the settings: portion sensitivity, quantity, give notes, deletion, or replace new foods. Transparent communication and process are another effect of the organization’s efficient work; you can track the location of the food from the beginning to the end, reducing the number of disappointments when the courier arrives late, and the food is no longer as save.

A seamless process creates brand awareness: clients will return to order if the first experience was beyond expectations.

Intégration avec d'autres systèmes

However, while these systems are transformative on their own, their efficiency reaches new heights when integrated seamlessly with the other vital tools in restaurant management. First is the integration with the POS systems, which can drastically improve the efficiency of restaurant operation. This is because, with proper integration, the system serves as a chain with each order a harmonized dance that updated the sales data in real time.

The orders that are placed through the takeaway system flow smoothly into the POS system, thus easing the sale data update process. The use of this process not only seeks to eliminate all the errors that may be associated to manual order entry, but it will provide a record of sales that is accurate to the restaurateur for pricing and any promotional decisions that are needed. Another agent that benefits for this integration process is stock management.

Ordering systems that integrates with inventory management tools are the ultimate solution for tracking product, reducing wastage and ensuring that your menu is available for a shipment. What happens is that, as the customer places an order and it is fulfilled, the inventory management system simultaneously updates the order records. This prevents the depletion of commodity and further assists the restaurateur to recognize the popular from unpopular items that can inform further decisions over sales control measures .

Customer relationship also benefits from integration . Integration with these tools further leverages the competitive solutions. The systems collected from the takeaway ordering system can integrate with the CRM system to produce more effective marketing tools.

The results will be a personalized marketing approach, loyalty programs using detailed customer preferences and their history. A restaurant can market to customers what they want to hear and, as such, they can be a returning customer. Manifold integration benefits abound from this level of integration.

There is a reduced labor work needed when all this is automated and real time updates between records in each system. There is also holistic integration that will make every part of a restaurant synchronized, which is a plus for customer perspective.

Système de commande de plats à emporter

Choisir le bon système pour votre restaurant canadien

Deciding to implement a takeaway ordering system is a major decision for any Canadian restaurant owner, as it may ultimately change the way their business is conducted. Given that there are so many available options, it is critical to consider a number of factors in order to make the best decision.

9 Tips and considerations: define what your restaurant specifically requires based on your menu’s complexity, the volume of orders , and your customers’ needs; define your budget in terms of what you can afford right now and what you are willing to spend on subscriptions in the months to come; make sure the system can be expanded to fit your growing business; choose a user-friendly option, because staff should be able to work with it easily; make sure it is compatible with other systems you use, such as a POS and an inventory management chain; with the increasing number of individuals utilizing mobile devices, especially cell phones, assuring that your potential programs offer the alternative and allocation for mobile apps is an undoubtedly good idea; find a system that offers customization characteristics that allow the customer to decide what goes into their order and what does not; and lastly, acquire a platform that provides adequate customer support to handle any problems that arise.

Facteurs - Coût, évolutivité et convivialité

  • Cost: assess the total cost implications of setting up and keeping the system running. It may include setting up fees, the price of subscriptions, or other charges such as online payment transaction costs.

  • Scalability: does the system have the ability to grow with your restaurant? Ideally, it should be able to process just the same number of orders as possible without hindering performance.

  • User-friendliness: Just how easy are the systems for your staff and customers to use. The more user-friendly the interface, the shorter the learning curve and the higher the quality customers’ experience while placing an order.

Recommandations pour les systèmes de commande de plats à emporter sur le marché canadien

RapidCents Restaurant Online Ordering: As already noted, it is simple and inexpensive, making it fit for restaurants of all sizes. The product is highly functional, allowing for easy customization of the order process. It is also fully adaptable to other RapidCents products.

Lightspeed Restaurant: It is a comprehensive system that is ideal for all types of restaurants. It has several attractive features, such as inventory management and POS integration, making it a perfect choice for a Canadian eatery.

TouchBistro: This product is tailor-made for the restaurant business and easily accessible. It is a simple system with a wide range of features ranging from tableside ordering to extensive reporting. It is attractive for small to medium-sized restaurants, for instance in the Canadian market.

Toast: A favorite because of the user-friendly aspect and scope, it enhances inclusivity on POS and kitchen display system platforms. A user should determine the best system among the four but should bear in mind the restaurant’s needs, cost budget, and future growth plans. The four will give the user a head-start to quality assessment, and other research aspects including live demos and trial periods will allow making the right decision in regard to one’s needs.


With RapidCents, bid adieu to traditional techniques and welcome the digital era of transformation in Canadian eateries. Our takeaway ordering system will guide you to operational perfection and help you achieve optimal customer satisfaction. Just take advantage of these advancements and put yourself and your restaurant at the forefront of Canada’s restaurant scenario.

Whether it’s a digital world, speediness, and customer-oriented, your restaurant can be at the forefront with the proper equipment. Get Operational Perfection with RapidCents! Is now the time to modernize your Canadian restaurant to a higher level of eco-friendly operation? Make use of RapidCents, a comprehensive solution for restaurant online ordering in every online store. It was created to simplify the processes, improve client loyalty, and boost your abilities in response to changes in the restaurant scenario.

Why Do You Prefer RapidCents?

Integration that is problem-free: The relational connections between RapidCents can be found in your POS system along with your registration framework, consequently ensuring that the restaurant experience is streamlined rejuvenating.

An interface that is simple to use: We provide an interface that is simple to use by designs, ensuring that the experience is simple for both your staff and guests.

Scalable: RapidCents is excellent for small independent coffee houses or busy high-end cafes because it is adjustable, growing your popularity while providing top-quality food.


Personalize the ordering experience and the choices available when adapting with RapidCents: allow clients to submit personalized instructions based on the circumstance. Don’t miss out on an chance to boost your Canadian restaurant’s popularity by taking it to new ecologized. Make use of the RapidCents location and develop the restaurant scenario of tomorrow. Sign Up Today!


En quoi les systèmes de commande à emporter peuvent-ils être utiles aux activités de mon restaurant canadien ?

Les systèmes de commande à emporter améliorent considérablement l'efficacité opérationnelle en rationalisant le traitement des commandes, en réduisant les temps d'attente et en minimisant les erreurs. Ces systèmes s'intègrent parfaitement aux autres outils de gestion des restaurants, offrant ainsi une solution globale pour optimiser l'ensemble des opérations.

Les systèmes de commande de plats à emporter conviennent-ils à tous les types de restaurants canadiens ?

Absolument. Que vous teniez un café local confortable, un fast-food animé ou un restaurant gastronomique haut de gamme, les systèmes de commande de plats à emporter sont conçus pour être évolutifs et adaptables. Ils répondent aux besoins uniques des différents établissements, garantissant l'efficacité et la satisfaction des clients dans tous les domaines de la gastronomie.

Comment choisir le bon système de commande de plats à emporter pour mon restaurant canadien ?

Lorsque vous choisissez un système de commande de plats à emporter, tenez compte de facteurs tels que les besoins spécifiques de votre restaurant, les contraintes budgétaires, l'évolutivité et la convivialité. 

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