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Smart Terminals: Revolutionizing Payment Processing

Our Smart Terminal offers a unique solution, going beyond traditional credit card machines. It seamlessly integrates POS apps, payment tools, and a receipt printer into a single, standalone device. Introducing the Smart Terminal – your all-in-one POS system.

Smart Credit Debit Terminal

Why Smart Terminal?

Tap & Pay

Chip & PIN

Email Receipts

Batch History

Inventory Tracking

Built-in POS

Built-in Receipt Printer

Employee Log-in

Newland N910 Terminal

Smart Credit Debit Terminal

Effortless Wireless Flexibility

Elevate your business's payment processing capabilities with our smart credit card terminal and smart debit machines, including the advanced Newland N910 Smart Terminal. These innovative devices offer unparalleled mobility and flexibility, featuring a comprehensive suite of wireless connectivity options. Experience the reliability of high-speed WiFi, operating seamlessly across both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies, for consistent and efficient data transmission. Enhance your eco-friendly initiatives and customer engagement by utilizing our smart terminals' ability to send digital receipts directly to your customers via SMS/text message or email. This not only reduces paper waste but also provides a convenient way to collect customer information for future communications and targeted marketing efforts, adding value to your business-customer relationship.

Diverse Payment Acceptance

Effortlessly process payments with our smart credit card terminal and smart debit machines, catering to a wide spectrum of debit and credit card transactions. Empower your customers with the versatility of paying through multiple avenues, encompassing contactless tap, chip and PIN, and barcode/QR code scanning options. Experience the ease and efficiency of our smart payment solutions, ensuring swift transfer of funds to your bank account in less than one business day.

Strategic Multi-Location Insights

Harness the power of our smart credit card terminal and smart debit machines, including the Newland N910 terminal, to effortlessly manage and control multiple business locations. The advanced Multi-Location Capabilities of these smart payment solutions enable you to oversee every aspect of your sites from a central point. With this feature, you can easily monitor transactions, manage inventory, and assess the performance of each location, offering critical data and insights for informed strategic decision-making. This integration of smart technology ensures a streamlined, efficient operation across your business network.


Embedded POS and Smart Stock Management with Clover

Upgrade your inventory management using the advanced capabilities of CLOVER credit card terminals and Clover debit machines. These sophisticated devices enable a stock-smart strategy, utilizing categories, labels, and modifiers for optimal organization and real-time updates. With CLOVER solutions, you can efficiently categorize products, apply precise labels for swift identification, and incorporate modifiers to detail specific product variations, ensuring your inventory is not only well-organized but consistently current.

Clover Dashboard is on Cloud

Harness the advanced capabilities of the CLOVER smart terminal and Clover credit card machines, integrating the power of cloud technology to keep your business constantly within reach. With secure cloud storage for all your data and information, access is not only convenient but also highly mobile, enabling you to remain connected and well-informed regardless of your location. This technology allows you to have vital business information at your fingertips, significantly boosting productivity and facilitating informed decision-making wherever you are.


Safeguard your business and customer information with the formidable security features of the CLOVER terminal and Clover machines. These advanced systems employ end-to-end encryption and data tokenization to protect sensitive data from potential threats, ensuring confidentiality is maintained during transactions. Additionally, the incorporation of chip sensors in the Clover technology provides an added layer of security, further strengthening your system against unauthorized access and enhancing overall data safety.

Terminaux de débit/crédit pour les petites entreprises aux États-Unis

Seamless Transaction Experience with Smart Terminals

Experience the ultimate in payment processing convenience with our smart credit card terminal and smart debit machines, expertly designed to cater to your business needs, whether stationary at the storefront or dynamically on the go. These versatile devices not only streamline transactions via a single, intuitive interface but also provide competitively low rates. This ensures that your business enjoys cost-effective operations, complemented by the advantage of smart credit card live dashboards for real-time financial monitoring and insights.

Smart Credit Debit Terminal


What is the difference between square payment and clover terminal?

Clover and Square differ significantly in their payment processing approach. Square directs payments into its merchant account before transferring them to business owners, while Clover mandates merchants to establish their own merchant account through Fiserv (Clover’s owner) or a compatible third party. This distinction positions Clover as a more customizable option, allowing businesses greater flexibility.

How do I order a new Smart Terminal?

Sign up with RapidCents. Once you create an account with us. You can easily order a new smart terminal by getting in touch with us.

What are the fees associated with using RapidCents smart terminal?

There is a monthly rent or lease fee for the terminal. And a transaction processing fee of just 2.9% + 30c per transaction.

What are the different payment methods a smart terminal can accept?

The Smart Terminal facilitates payments through credit and debit cards via tap or chip & PIN. Accepting major card brands like Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express, it also supports popular mobile wallets such as Google Pay and Apple Pay. Additionally, the Smart Terminal offers the convenience of manual card entry payments.

What does it mean by a standalone smart terminal?

A standalone terminal comes pre-loaded with a built-in point-of-sale app and an integrated receipt printer. Simply connect to Wi-Fi, and you’re ready to initiate payment processing.

Does the RapidCents smart terminal come with a warranty?

Our smart terminals have a one year manufacturer’s warranty. Contact us to know more about warranties.

Do smart terminals accept QR code payments?

Yes. You can create a QR code for your business and customers can scan the QR code to pay.

Which printer paper should I use on the smart terminals?

Our smart terminals use thermal rolls that are 2 1/4in wide by 85 ft in length.

Can smart terminals be used wired and wireless simultaneously?

Smart  terminals from RapidCents have ethernet, Wi-Fi and mobile data as modes of internet connectivity. The terminals automatically switch from ethernet to Wi-Fi or mobile data while it is docked or undocked.

How long does the battery last on smart terminals if not docked?

Our smart terminals have a battery range of 8 hours on a single charge. This could vary depending on usage.

Online Payment is now a piece of cake.

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