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Reduce unnecessary costs and hidden fees in your merchant processing account.

  • At RapidCents we help finance leaders drive growth, reduce risk, and manage costs, we utilize specific processing habits to ensure that every transaction qualifies for the lowest rate possible.

Guarantee to optimize your payment processing costs.

Reduce oprating costs
Identify opportunities to optimize the Interchange and processing fees, tailor-made to your organization.
Drive business value
Leverage data and technology to improve efficiency.
Boost compliance
We monitor and mitigate risks on your accounts consistently based on card brand guidelines.

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    Results You Can Measure

    Create an account online in minutes and use our libraries, Plugins and SDKs to securely accept payments. We’ll deposit your funds directly into your bank account.

    89% Reduced Chargebacks
    We go beyond simple fraud protection. We generate trust between your company and your good customers, to improve the total results of your business.
    $500 Million+ Successful transaction processed
    From e-commerce stores to subscription businesses, to platforms and marketplaces, we offer a complete stack for all your payment needs across channels.
    114+ Integrated Partners
    We offer plugins and guides for major platforms that make integrating Clearsale's Fraud protection Solution simple in your CMS or Ecommerce Platform
    RapidCents - RapidSales
    Get an online payment gateway today, integrated it into your website easily and aget the highest approval rates and lowest false-positive rates in the industry with an innovative fraud prevention solution that’s always customized to your business.

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