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Embark on a New Era of Payment Processing

  • One stop solution for all types of payment terminals.
  • Seamless payment experience for both you and your customers.
  • Competitive processing fees.
  • Payment solution for every business – retail stores, restaurants and more.
  • Wireless terminals with cellular and Wi-Fi options.
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Swift Secure Payments

Accept diverse payments – debit tap, chip, and PIN. Get funds quickly, as soon as the next business day. Simplify transactions with RapidCents.

Fee-Free, Contract-Free

No hidden fees: no statement, charge-back, or PCI compliance fees. Plus, no long-term contracts. Transparent, fair, and straightforward.

Built-In Data Security

Adhering to industry standards for data safety, we prioritize security, relieving you of that responsibility.

Our POS Systems


Debit/Credit Terminals for Small Businesses in the US

Move 5000 – Wireless

Debit/Credit Terminals for Small Businesses

Desk 5000 – Wired

Debit/Credit Terminals for Small Businesses

Virtual Terminal

The RapidCents Virtual Terminal offers a secure, convenient way for businesses in the US to accept credit card payments online. With no additional hardware needed, you can process payments quickly and easily from any device with an internet connection.

International Credit Card Processing

Grow your enterprise. Easily accept payments from customers all over the globe with our integrated international payment solutions. Make it simpler for customers to pay you, and expand your business to a global scale.

More From RapidCents

Online Payment Solution Made Easy!

Virtual Terminal

Discover RapidCents’ Virtual Terminal for secure and streamlined payment processing. This user-friendly solution enhances financial operations, offering flexibility and efficiency in managing transactions.

Recurring Payments & Subscriptions

Experience simplified recurring billing and payments with RapidCents. Enhance subscription management, ensure timely payments, and streamline financial processes.

Payment Links

Effortlessly collect payments with RapidCents’ Payment Links. This user-friendly solution provides a seamless way to receive funds online, enhancing convenience for both businesses and customers.

Online Payment Gateway

RapidCents’ Online Payment Gateway ensures secure and seamless transactions. Explore a reliable solution that enhances payment processes, providing efficiency and trust for businesses.

Ecommerce Platform

Elevate your online business with RapidCents’ E-commerce Website Builder. Create seamless and secure online checkout experiences, boosting sales and customer satisfaction.

Invoicing Software

Explore RapidCents’ Billing and Invoicing solution for efficient, automated billing processes. Simplify invoicing, enhance accuracy, and streamline financial operations.

Online Payment is now a piece of cake.

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