Payment Processing

Elevate Your SaaS Payment Processing

Our platform is tailored to empower your software business, ensuring seamless transactions, global compliance, and unparalleled success. Join us at the forefront of e-commerce innovation and take your SaaS venture to new heights.


SaaS Payment Gateway for Effortless Recurring Billing & Scalable Subscription Management

Tailored Subscription Billing for Any Model. Customize plans, adjust pricing effortlessly, and accept global payment processing seamlessly. Unlock the full potential of every new subscriber with our comprehensive recurring billing solutions.

Payment Processing


Chargeback Prevention

Account Updater

Transform Your Subscription Game with the Best SaaS Payment Provider

Experiment with trials, proration, special discounts, cross-sells, and up-sells, and promotions to optimize customer engagement and retention. Our platform ensures you explore these strategies seamlessly, unlocking new growth opportunities while maintaining robust revenue streams.


Reduce Churn: Streamlined Communication for Renewals

Receive personalized payment retry alerts, stay informed with payment failure notifications, and effortlessly automate renewal reminders. RapidCents’ payment gateway for SaaS empowers you to manage accounts seamlessly, ensuring a robust subscriber relationship and reducing churn.


What is SaaS?

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a cloud-based software distribution model. It allows users to access applications via the internet without installing or maintaining them locally.

How can RapidCents assist in selling SaaS?

RapidCents provides a comprehensive e-commerce platform, enabling seamless transactions, global compliance, and optimal subscription management for SaaS businesses.

What subscription billing models does RapidCents support?

RapidCents supports customizable billing models, including monthly, yearly, or metered usage. Tailor your plans to suit your business needs effortlessly.

Can I experiment with pricing and promotions?

Yes, RapidCents allows you to experiment with trials, proration, special discounts, cross-sells, and up-sells without sacrificing revenue or resources.

How does RapidCents reduce churn?

RapidCents helps reduce churn through efficient communication with features like custom payment retry alerts, payment failure notifications, and automated renewal reminders.

How does RapidCents handle invoices and receipts?

RapidCents’ platform ensures a direct line of communication for sending invoices, receipts, reminders, and automatic renewal notices, streamlining account management and reducing churn.

Can I offer free trials with RapidCents?

Absolutely! RapidCents empowers you to increase the lifetime value of your subscribers by offering free trials, discounts, promotions, and more.

Is RapidCents suitable for global payments?

Yes, RapidCents supports global payment methods, allowing you to accept payments seamlessly from subscribers around the world.

How does RapidCents help optimize subscriber engagement?

RapidCents’ intuitive tools for subscription management and communication features, help optimize subscriber engagement, ensuring sustained growth for your SaaS business.

What makes RapidCents different from other e-commerce platforms for SaaS?

RapidCents stands out with its tailored approach to SaaS sales. It provides a user-friendly, all-in-one platform that seamlessly integrates customizable billing models, communication tools, and global payment support, offering a unique solution for optimizing subscription-based businesses.

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