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Update Credit Card Info Before They Expire

RapidCents Account Updater solutions automatically updates your customers credit card information if they are about to expire. This will reduce upto 80% of customer service calls and helps channel that time to develop your business.

What is an Account Updater?

Imagine you have a subscription with a streaming service that takes the payment from your credit card in regular intervals. If your credit expires during this, you will have to manually update your credit card information in order to continue using the service. With RapidCents Account Updater your customers will have their stored credit card information updated automatically when their old credit card expires.

Lifespan of a Credit Card

Credit cards have a shelf life, and it’s not long. In fact, most cards expire within three years, which means that every month, approximately 3% of card-on-file payments are linked to expiring cards. This can be a headache for merchants who risk losing out on sales if they have to reach out to cardholders for updated credit card information. Fortunately, our account updater service through Converge takes care of this hassle for you. With our service, merchants can manage cardholder account information changes without ever having to contact the cardholder directly. This not only saves time and effort, but it also ensures that you don’t miss out on current and future sales. 

Providing transparent and effortless account updates to all registered recurring payment or card-on-file cardholders.

Mitigate the risk of credit card payment declines and late payment fees.

Improve cardholder satisfaction.

No service interruption.

Enjoy savings with RapidCents ACH Payments

From the RapidCents Virtual Terminal, you can securely and conveniently accept direct bank transfers from vendors, clients, and other businesses. This payment method offers lower processing fees than credit cards, allowing you to maximize your profits. Transferring funds directly between bank accounts is fast and easy, so you can start receiving payments quickly and easily.

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Why Your Business Should Have Account Updater

For merchants who handle recurring payments or store credit card information, updater services are a game-changer. Whether your business deals with routine service or subscriptions, keeping credit card information up-to-date is crucial for timely payments. An expired credit card can cause payment delays and unpaid invoices, but credit card account updaters can automate the process and ensure your business’s invoices are paid on time, every time.

Increased authorization approvals

Our advanced system ensures increased success rates, optimizing your business’s payment processes effortlessly.

Reduced service cancellations

Say goodbye to service cancellations as we ensure seamless payment processing and minimize disruptions to your business.

Secure account-file transactions

Streamline your account-file transactions with RapidCents’ secure platform. Enjoy peace of mind as your sensitive data remains protected during every transaction.

Our customers love RapidCents.

Magda Subramanian

RapidCents has been a great asset for my online business. It was easy to set up and there are zero hidden fees.

Graça Dawn

I'm so glad I chose RapidCents to help me set up my online payment gateway. It's been a great experience and I haven't had any issues.

Filip Symphony

RapidCents is an excellent tool for any online business. It's user friendly and the setup process is quick and easy. The fees are also very reasonable, making it a great value for the money.

Aisultan Adila

I'm so glad I found RapidCents. It's a great way to streamline my online payments and makes it easy for my customers to make purchases. The customer service is also top notch.

Amita Oliver

I have been using RapidCents for my online business for a few months now and it has been great. The setup was simple and the costs are very reasonable. Highly recommend this service to anyone who needs an online payment gateway.

Angelina Karol

RapidCents is a great online payment gateway for my business. It was easy to set up and the cost is very affordable. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone who needs an online payment gateway.

Demetra Sela

I recently started an online business and needed a payment gateway. RapidCents was the perfect solution for me. It was easy to set up and the cost was very affordable.

Miyoko Neda

RapidCents helped me get my online business up and running quickly. The setup process was straightforward and the cost was very reasonable. I'm very satisfied with the service.

Sadi Diana

I was looking for an online payment gateway for my business and I found RapidCents. It was easy to set up and the cost was within my budget.

    FAQ .

    What is the Account Updater service provided by RapidCents?

    The Account Updater service offered by RapidCents is a feature that automatically updates your customer’s credit card account information to ensure smooth and uninterrupted transactions.

    How does the Account Updater service work?

    RapidCents' Account Updater service works by securely retrieving and updating your customer’s account information from various card networks and financial institutions.

    Is the Account Updater service available for all types of accounts?

    The Account Updater service is compatible with only credit card accounts.

    Is my data secure during the Account Updater process?

    Absolutely! RapidCents prioritizes data security and uses advanced encryption and security protocols to safeguard your customer’s sensitive account information.

    Can I choose which accounts to include in the Account Updater service?

    Yes, you have full control over the accounts you want to include in the Account Updater service. You can select specific accounts or opt to include all eligible ones.

    How often does the Account Updater service update my account information?

    The Account Updater service operates based on the expiry dates on the customer’s credit card. Once the customer gets a new credit card, the new credit card information will be updated automatically.

    Will the customer be notified when their account information is updated?

    Yes, RapidCents will provide notifications to inform the customer about any updates made to their account information through the Account Updater service.

    Can I opt out of the Account Updater service if needed?

    Certainly! You have the flexibility to opt out of the Account Updater service at any time.

    Are there any additional fees for using the Account Updater service?

    RapidCents have specific pricing plans that include the Account Updater service, but additional fees may apply. Please refer to our pricing page for detailed information.

    How can I get started with the Account Updater service?

    To start using the Account Updater service by RapidCents, simply sign up for an account, and follow the instructions provided to integrate the service into your existing setup. Visit our help section for further assistance.

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