Payment Processing

Customer Manager.

At RapidCents, we understand that customers are the cornerstone of any successful business. That’s why we provide the tools and security needed to effectively manage customer information, while simultaneously improving the customer experience.

Effortlessly Store and Manage Customer Information

Customer Data Management with Ease

Easily store and manage vital customer data, such as billing and shipping addresses, tax and language preferences, and accepted payment methods.

  • Customers are Seamlessly Enrolled
  • Store Cards and Payment Details Securely
  • Keep Track of all Prior Orders and Invoices with ease
  • Take Notes on Customer Profiles
  • Gain Insight into Customer Purchasing Patterns
  • Stay on Top of Customer Payments

    Efficiently manage your customers with RapidCents' customer manager. Easily send invoices, emails, and keep payment info current for faster payments. Automate notifications with our email templates to quickly inform customers of payment due dates or when their information needs updating.

    Securely Accept Payments

    Quickly and securely accept payments, enabling you to increase your cash flow and grow your business. With our payment processing solutions, you can easily and conveniently receive payments from customers, so you can focus on what matters most: running your business.

    Import Your Customer List

    Easily import your customer list with a CSV file, quickly add profiles at the checkout, or edit profiles created with each transaction - all with a few simple clicks.

    Store Customer Data Securely.

    Store customer data securely in the RapidCents Card Vault to make payments for repeat customers a breeze. With a few clicks, you can access existing customer information at checkout and provide your customers with an efficient and hassle-free payment experience. RapidCents tokenizes your customer’s credit card information, so you don’t have to worry about storing it, as it never touches your system.

    Fully Branded Customer Portal.

    RapidCents provides a simple and straightforward solution to create a fully customised customer portal with no programming expertise required. Easily customise your fonts, logo and colours to ensure the portal seamlessly blends with your brand. Your customers can access their payment history and customer information 24/7, while you maintain control over what information they can view or edit.

    Power of RapidCents Payments

    Payments are at the heart of our user experience. With RapidCents, you get lower rates and speedy deposits, even when making online payments.

    Flexible Devices and Unlimited Users

    You have the freedom to choose how you use the RapidCents App and Card Reader, and which device you employ them on. Whether you’re using a Windows or Mac workstation, a tablet, a smartphone, or any combination of the three – all linked to your data through the cloud – you can customize the experience to your exact preferences. Whether you’re managing one location, multiple locations, or are constantly on the go, the flexibility of the devices and unlimited users ensures you’ll always have the perfect setup.

    Mac and Windows

    Elevate your traditional point-of-sale experience with the RapidCents Payments app. Download it now onto your Mac or Windows workstations to access your product and inventory information with ease. The point-of-sale will open in a browser window, providing you with a streamlined and professional experience.

    Apple and Android Tablets

    Access your RapidCents account from a tablet for a seamless checkout experience, whether you’re using it in a traditional countertop setting or taking it with you on the go to pop-up events. With this app, you can easily and quickly process transactions wherever you are.


    Our platform transforms your smartphone into a fully-functional point-of-sale, allowing you to serve customers from anywhere. With RapidCents, you can stay ahead of the competition and keep your business going, no matter where life takes you.

    Ideal Checkout Experience.

    At RapidCents, we recognize that each business is unique. Whether you have a large or small company, or you’re selling in multiple locations, RapidCents offers you the ability to configure your ideal checkout experience.

    FAQ .

    What is CRM?

    CRM stands for Customer Relationship Manager, and it is a software tool provided by RapidCents. It helps businesses manage customer interactions, track customer information, streamline communication, and improve customer relationships. 

    What does CRM stand for?

    CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. RapidCents CRM helps businesses manage and analyze their interactions with customers.

    What is CRM software?

    CRM software, allows businesses to track customer information, streamline communication, and analyze data to enhance customer engagement. RapidCents CRM offers features like contact management, sales pipeline tracking, task management, and reporting to optimize customer relationship management processes.

    What is cloud based CRM?

    A cloud-based CRM, like RapidCents CRM, is a customer relationship management software that is accessed and operated through the internet. It eliminates the need for on-premises servers and allows businesses to securely store, manage, and access their customer data from anywhere, providing flexibility and convenience in managing customer relationships.

    What features does RapidCents CRM offer?

    RapidCents CRM provides a range of features that include, Automatically adding customers to the database, securely storing payment information, keep track of purchase history, add notes on customer profiles, analyze customer purchase habits.

    Can RapidCents CRM integrate with other business software?

    Yes, RapidCents CRM offers integration options with various business software and tools such as email clients, marketing automation platforms, and e-commerce systems. This allows for seamless data synchronization and enhanced workflow efficiency.

    Is RapidCents CRM suitable for small businesses?

    Yes, RapidCents CRM caters to businesses of all sizes, including small businesses. Out user-friendly interface, customizable features, and affordable pricing make it an ideal CRM solution for small business owners.

    Can I import existing customer data into RapidCents CRM?

     Yes, RapidCents CRM allows you to import existing customer data into the system. 

    Does RapidCents CRM provide reporting and analytics?

    Yes, RapidCents CRM offers reporting and analytics capabilities.  These insights help you make data-driven decisions and evaluate the effectiveness of your customer engagement strategies.

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