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ACH Payments.

RapidCents provides your business with an array of payment options, including ACH payments directly from your customers’ bank accounts. Accepting ACH payments is a great way to reduce credit card fees, improve cash flow and ensure revenue predictability.

accept ACH payments.

RapidCents merchants can effortlessly accept ACH payments without any additional signups or paperwork. Our merchant platform is pre-equipped with an integrated ACH payment system, making it easier than ever to receive payments online.

Create and send professional invoices

Send your customers professional invoices quickly and securely with our online system. They can conveniently pay via ACH with no complicated setup required – just enter their bank account information and they’re good to go!

Easily accept ACH payments

Easily accept ACH payments on your computer with the secure storage of customer bank account details in your customer card vault. All data is automatically encrypted for added protection.

Recurring payment plans via ACH

RapidCents provides you with the tools to streamline your client billing and establish custom recurring payment plans via ACH. Payments are automatically processed on the designated date, with customers receiving notifications in advance

ACH payments with email or SMS reminders

Say goodbye to forgotten unpaid invoices. Take control of client ACH payments with email or SMS notifications. Make sure your clients are kept up-to-date and reminded to make quick payments by reaching them on their phone.

More affordable ACH payments.

RapidCents makes ACH payments cost-effective for your small business, with no monthly fees and low processing rates. By accepting bank transfers, you can reduce your digital payment acceptance costs compared to credit card payments. Plus, RapidCents eliminates typical ACH provider fees such as batch fees and high NSF reject fees, so you can save even more.

Goodbye to the hassle of multiple providers.

Our merchant platform makes it easy to manage all of your payment methods – from credit and debit cards to bank transfers and other payment tenders – in one efficient, unified system.

Features you can’t miss.

RapidCents is loaded with features that just make sense. Explore the various tools we offer to grow your business.

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Fraud Prevention


All the tool you ever need.

Our customers love RapidCents.

Magda Subramanian

RapidCents has been a great asset for my online business. It was easy to set up and there are zero hidden fees.

Graça Dawn

I'm so glad I chose RapidCents to help me set up my online payment gateway. It's been a great experience and I haven't had any issues.

Filip Symphony

RapidCents is an excellent tool for any online business. It's user friendly and the setup process is quick and easy. The fees are also very reasonable, making it a great value for the money.

Aisultan Adila

I'm so glad I found RapidCents. It's a great way to streamline my online payments and makes it easy for my customers to make purchases. The customer service is also top notch.

Amita Oliver

I have been using RapidCents for my online business for a few months now and it has been great. The setup was simple and the costs are very reasonable. Highly recommend this service to anyone who needs an online payment gateway.

Angelina Karol

RapidCents is a great online payment gateway for my business. It was easy to set up and the cost is very affordable. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone who needs an online payment gateway.

Demetra Sela

I recently started an online business and needed a payment gateway. RapidCents was the perfect solution for me. It was easy to set up and the cost was very affordable.

Miyoko Neda

RapidCents helped me get my online business up and running quickly. The setup process was straightforward and the cost was very reasonable. I'm very satisfied with the service.

Sadi Diana

I was looking for an online payment gateway for my business and I found RapidCents. It was easy to set up and the cost was within my budget.


What is ACH bank transfer?

ACH bank transfer, with RapidCents, refers to the process of electronically transferring funds between bank accounts using the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network. It enables individuals and businesses to send and receive payments directly from one bank account to another. RapidCents facilitates ACH bank transfers by providing a secure platform that handles the transaction process. Customers authorize the transfer, and RapidCents ensures the smooth movement of funds, securely and efficiently. ACH bank transfers offer benefits such as cost-effectiveness, recurring payment capabilities, and broader accessibility for customers who prefer or are unable to use traditional credit card payments. RapidCents simplifies ACH bank transfers, allowing businesses to efficiently manage their payment processing needs.

What is ACH processing?

ACH processing  by RapidCents, refers to the electronic transfer of funds between bank accounts using the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network. It enables businesses to receive payments directly from customers’ bank accounts securely and efficiently. With RapidCents’ ACH processing service, customers authorize the transfer, and RapidCents facilitates the transaction, ensuring seamless payment processing. This method offers advantages such as lower transaction fees compared to credit cards, recurring payment capabilities, reduced risk of chargebacks, and wider accessibility for customers without credit cards. RapidCents prioritizes the security of sensitive banking information, providing businesses with a reliable and user-friendly solution for handling ACH payments.

What is needed for an ACH transfer?

For an ACH transfer with RapidCents, you typically need the following information:


  1. Bank Account Details: You will need the customer’s bank account number and routing number to initiate the ACH transfer. This information ensures that the funds are accurately debited from the customer’s account and deposited into the merchant’s account.


  1. Authorization: The customer must provide explicit authorization for the ACH transfer to take place. RapidCents ensures that proper authorization is obtained before processing any ACH transactions.


  1. Verification: RapidCents may require additional verification steps to ensure the accuracy and security of the ACH transfer. This can include verifying the customer’s identity or confirming the ownership of the bank account being used for the transfer.


By providing the necessary bank account details, obtaining proper authorization, and conducting verification procedures, RapidCents ensures a smooth and secure ACH transfer process for both merchants and customers.

What is an ACH wire transfer?

An ACH wire transfer, also known as an Automated Clearing House wire transfer, refers to the electronic transfer of funds between bank accounts using the ACH network. With RapidCents, ACH wire transfers enable businesses to securely receive payments directly from customers’ bank accounts. Customers authorize the transfer, and RapidCents facilitates the transaction, ensuring a smooth and efficient payment process. ACH wire transfers offer advantages such as lower transaction costs, recurring payment capabilities, and accessibility for customers without credit cards. RapidCents simplifies ACH wire transfers, providing businesses with a reliable payment processing solution that allows for seamless fund transfers and simplified financial management.

Can I track ACH payments and access transaction reports with RapidCents?

Yes, RapidCents offers a user-friendly online portal where merchants can track ACH payments, view detailed transaction reports, and access other relevant financial data to monitor and manage their payment activities. Sign Up today to get access to your dashboard.

Can RapidCents ACH payment processing integrate with my existing accounting or invoicing software?

Yes, RapidCents offers integration options with popular accounting and invoicing software, allowing for seamless synchronization of payment data and streamlining financial management processes.

What does ACH transfer stand for?

ACH stands for Automated Clearing House. It is an electronic funds transfer system that facilitates the secure and efficient transfer of funds between banks. RapidCents acts as the intermediary, ensuring that the transfer is executed accurately and securely through the ACH network. ACH transfers are commonly used for various payment types, including one-time transactions and recurring payments. RapidCents’ ACH payment processing service enables businesses to accept payments conveniently and provides customers with an alternative payment method to credit cards.

What are the advantages of using ACH payment processing?

 ACH payment processing offers several benefits, including lower transaction fees compared to credit cards, reduced risk of chargebacks, recurring payment capabilities, and the ability to reach customers without credit cards or those who prefer bank transfers.

Is ACH payment processing secure?

 Yes, RapidCents prioritizes security in ACH payment processing. We employ robust encryption and data protection measures to ensure the safety and confidentiality of sensitive banking information.

What is ACH debit transfer?

ACH debit transfer, facilitated by RapidCents, is an electronic payment method that allows businesses to withdraw funds directly from a customer’s bank account. With the customer’s authorization, RapidCents initiates the transfer through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network. This method is commonly used for one-time or recurring payments, such as utility bills, subscription services, and loan repayments. RapidCents ensures the secure transmission of bank account details and handles the transaction process, providing businesses with a convenient and reliable solution for collecting payments. ACH debit transfer via RapidCents simplifies the payment process, reduces reliance on physical checks, and streamlines financial transactions for both businesses and customers.

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