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Why fight chargebacks when you can prevent them?

Protect Your Business From Fraudulent Chargebacks.

Secure your business from fraudulent chargebacks with our high-security integration. Our advanced technology safeguards your payments, giving you the confidence to accept credit cards with ease. Sign up today and start taking payments with peace of mind.

RapidCents Chargeback Protection

Safeguards Your Sales

Chargeback Protection safeguards your sales against fraudulent disputes, so you don't have to worry about losses. Regardless of the dispute's legitimacy, we'll reimburse the disputed amount and waive any dispute fees.

Eliminate the Hassle

Dispute resolution doesn't have to be a time-consuming hassle. With Chargeback Protection, you can rest assured knowing that fraudulent disputes are taken care of and evidence is submitted quickly and easily.

Advanced Protection

Chargeback Protection from RapidCents offers comprehensive coverage for all businesses, safeguarding online sales of digital and physical products of any size, from anywhere in the world.

Smart Payment Page

Integrate with Checkout to safeguard your business from chargebacks with a single click. Checkout is an intuitive payments page that supports multiple payment options and provides Dynamic 3D Secure, which guarantees your business is SCA-compliant. Shielding your income from disputes is effortless: Request access to Chargeback Protection, integrate the latest version of Checkout, and enable Chargeback Protection with one click.

Real-time Risk Evaluations

Chargeback Protection leverages RapidCents machine learning technology to protect against fraud and reduce chargeback disputes. Our system combines behavioral analytics with the strength of our network to make real-time risk assessments and optimize checkout processes. Risky buyers may be asked to provide additional data via Dynamic 3D Secure, while low-risk customers can enjoy a streamlined checkout experience that maximizes conversions. With Chargeback Protection, you only pay fees for successful payments.


What is friendly fraud?

Friendly fraud, refers to a type of chargeback fraud where a customer disputes a legitimate transaction with their bank or credit card company, often unintentionally. RapidCents uses advanced fraud detection tools to identify potential cases of friendly fraud and helps businesses prevent and manage such chargebacks.

What is a credit card chargeback?

A credit card chargeback occurs when a customer disputes a transaction with their credit card company, resulting in the reversal of funds to the customer. RapidCents assists businesses in managing chargebacks by providing dispute resolution services and implementing fraud prevention measures to minimize financial losses.

What is a fraudulent chargeback?

A fraudulent chargeback  refers to a dishonest attempt by a customer to dispute a valid transaction and obtain a refund. RapidCents employs fraud prevention measures to detect and mitigate such instances, protecting businesses from financial losses caused by fraudulent chargebacks.

What is chargeback fraud?

Chargeback fraud refers to the deceptive practice where a customer disputes a legitimate transaction with their bank or credit card company, resulting in a chargeback. RapidCents employs advanced fraud prevention measures to detect and mitigate chargeback fraud, protecting businesses from financial losses and providing chargeback dispute resolution services.

What is credit card chargeback process?

The credit card chargeback process involves a cardholder disputing a transaction with their bank or credit card company. RapidCents manages the chargeback process by reviewing claims, gathering evidence, and providing support to merchants in responding to chargeback disputes, aiming to resolve them efficiently and protect businesses from financial losses.

How does RapidCents prevent chargeback fraud?

RapidCents uses advanced fraud prevention tools and techniques to minimize the risk of chargeback fraud. This includes identifying and flagging suspicious transactions, monitoring for fraudulent activity, and providing chargeback dispute resolution services.

What is RapidCents' chargeback management process?

RapidCents’ chargeback management process involves reviewing chargeback claims, gathering evidence, and submitting a response to the card issuer or bank. RapidCents’ team of chargeback specialists works to resolve disputes in a timely and effective manner.

Can RapidCents help prevent friendly fraud chargebacks?

Yes, RapidCents can help prevent friendly fraud chargebacks. Friendly fraud occurs when a customer disputes a legitimate transaction for reasons such as forgetfulness or confusion. RapidCents uses automated fraud detection tools to help identify potential cases of friendly fraud.

What is RapidCents' chargeback protection guarantee?

RapidCents offers a chargeback protection guarantee for eligible transactions. This ensures that if a chargeback occurs, RapidCents will cover the chargeback amount and any associated fees, provided the transaction meets certain criteria.

Does RapidCents provide chargeback prevention training?

Yes, RapidCents provides chargeback prevention training to help businesses better understand the chargeback process and take proactive steps to prevent fraud. This includes identifying high-risk transactions, implementing security measures, and monitoring for potential fraud.

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