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Why Fight Chargebacks When You Can Prevent Them?
  • Your products may be great, your customer service may be outstanding…but every business that accepts credit cards is vulnerable to chargebacks. And if recent history is any indication, there’s a very good chance that the chargebacks you receive will be fraudulent.

Pre bullied high-security integration signed up now and start taking payment.

Build an ecommerce business
Create the ideal shopping experience, from website to checkout optimization.
Collect recurring payments
Automate memberships, subscriptions, or invoices.
Reporting & Analysis
Sync payments with your accounting system ,Save time and eliminate manual toil by connecting your website to your accounting software.

How We Work

You are backed by two layers of customer service:
Trie one 27/7/365 Phone: 1-800-513-8146
Need technical help? We are happy to help!
Tire two: Email:support@RapidCents.com

Why RapidCents?

We offer you an absolutely FREE package to start protecting your online business from payment fraud. And, it’s absolutely free, no credit card required for the sign-up. This service comes for free with all our merchant processing account.

Enhance Data to Accelerate Results
RapidCents Identity Trust Platform further enhances chargeback and dispute services with rich transaction-related data such as purchase data, geolocation data, shipping, and device information to make it easier for online businesses and their customers to instantly recognize transactions, resolve disputes, and save the sale.
Stop Friendly Fraud Chargebacks
Reduce payment disputes by allowing banks to request transaction details to help cardholders recognize a purchase. Businesses can deflect the chargeback and keep their revenue.
Stop Fraudulent Transactions
RapidCents' fraud prevention platform addresses various types of fraud, chargebacks, and disputes. With industry-leading protection for the entire customer journey that uses RapidCents' advanced AI, and an orchestration hub for third-party integrations, RapidCents prevents chargebacks and revenue losses in a single, easy-to-use solution, pre-integrated with solution dispute management.
89% Reduced Chargebacks
We go beyond simple fraud protection. We generate trust between your company and your good customers, to improve the total results of your business.

Need More Details?

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.