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Make automatic payments and billing effortless. Utilize the card vault to securely store customer data and seamlessly process payments at the due date.

Automated Billing Solutions.

Get Paid Faster

RapidCents: Your gateway to swift, hassle-free payments. Customize billing plans for subscriptions, free trials, and more. Choose from weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual cycles. Secure, user-friendly, and available 24/7 support. so you can create a tailored payment experience for your customers. Revolutionize your payments with RapidCents. Contact us now!

Safe and Secure

At RapidCents, security is our top priority. We ensure the protection of you and your customers' data, so you can focus on other important tasks.RapidCents is PCI Compliant, ensuring the protection of your customers' data. Our secure shield is an advanced AI security system, employing multi-layered security measures such as firewalls, encryption, tokenization, security monitoring systems, and more. Your data is safe with us, allowing you to focus on other important tasks. We securely tokenize and store customer information on our servers, enabling quick and secure access when needed, without any security risk.

Effortless Self-service Solutions

Take advantage of the RapidCents Customer Portal and provide your customers with the information they need while streamlining your workload. Customers can log in to access details on their payment plans, view their payment history, and update their personal information. Make the customer experience easier and more efficient with the RapidCents Customer Portal.

offer a Free Trials

Provide your customers with a complimentary trial period prior to signing up for a paid plan. You can specify the duration of the trial and leverage automated email notifications to convert trial customers into paid subscribers when the free trial expires.

Maximize Your Subscriber Base

Efficiently manage your customer information with RapidCents Customer Manager. Easily upload your customer list, add customers manually, or select customer profiles from your existing database - all in one place.

Stay Connected with Your Customers

Stay connected with your customers with the automated email functionality and customizable templates included in your account. Send timely notifications when their free trials are coming to an end, when their payment information is no longer valid, or to alert them of an upcoming bill. Keep your customers informed and ensure a smooth customer experience with these automated email notifications.

Effortless Payments with RapidCents.

Payments are an integral part of the RapidCents experience. Our low rates and swift deposits make online payments simpler and more cost-effective than ever.

Develop a Plan.

RapidCents provides powerful recurring payment solutions, enabling you to craft custom subscription plans that perfectly suit your business needs. Subscribers are conveniently notified and billed on a regular basis, with the payment being charged to the credit card associated with their customer profile.

Allocated Billing

Optimize your customer billing process by enabling prorated billing. Calculate charges accurately and fairly, starting from the date of activation, and charge your customers on a daily basis. This will ensure that you are neither overcharging nor undercharging.

Optimized Billing

Metered billing provides a cost-effective way to align pricing with value, enabling you to charge customers based on usage data or monthly totals.

Initial Setup Fee

Introduce your customers to extra value with a one-time setup fee. Offer event registration fees, or enhance their experience with add-on products and services to your base subscription fee. Unlock additional benefits and make your services even more accessible.


What is RapidCents' recurring billing service?

RapidCents’ recurring billing service allows businesses to automate and manage subscription payments, making it easy to bill customers on a recurring basis.

How does RapidCents ensure the security of recurring payments?

RapidCents employs industry-leading security measures, including encryption and tokenization, to safeguard sensitive payment information and ensure secure recurring transactions.

Can I customize the billing frequency with RapidCents' service?

Yes, businesses have the flexibility to customize billing frequencies based on their subscription models, offering weekly, monthly, or other intervals.

Is RapidCents' recurring billing suitable for small businesses?

Absolutely! RapidCents’ solution is scalable, catering to businesses of all sizes, and provides a user-friendly platform for small enterprises to manage recurring payments efficiently.

What payment methods are supported for recurring billing with RapidCents?

RapidCents supports various payment methods, including credit cards and ACH payments, providing flexibility for customers and accommodating different preferences.

Can I set up trial periods for my subscriptions using RapidCents?

Yes, RapidCents allows businesses to set up trial periods, enabling them to offer free trials or discounted rates before customers commit to regular subscription payments.

How does RapidCents handle failed recurring payments?

RapidCents’ system automatically manages failed payments, with options to retry and notify customers, ensuring a smooth process for handling payment issues.

Is there customer support available for RapidCents' recurring billing service?

Yes, RapidCents provides dedicated customer support to assist with any inquiries or issues related to recurring billing, ensuring businesses have reliable assistance when needed.

Can I integrate RapidCents' recurring billing with my existing business systems?

RapidCents offers seamless integration options, allowing businesses to integrate recurring billing with their existing systems for a streamlined and efficient workflow.

What are the pricing structures for RapidCents' recurring billing service?

RapidCents offers transparent and competitive pricing based on the volume of transactions, providing businesses with cost-effective solutions for their recurring billing needs.

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