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Recurring Payments & Subscriptions.

Make automatic payments and billing effortless. Utilize the card vault to securely store customer data and seamlessly process payments at the due date.

Automated Billing Solutions.

Get Paid Faster

RapidCents provides a comprehensive recurring payment solution to help you get paid faster. Our platform allows for unlimited custom billing plans, including subscription plans, free trials, prorated plans, and add-ons, so you can create a tailored payment experience for your customers.

Safe and Secure

We ensure the protection of your customers' data, so you can focus on other important tasks. We securely tokenize and store customer information on our servers, allowing you to access it quickly and securely when needed, without any security risk.

Effortless Self-service Solutions

Take advantage of the RapidCents Customer Portal and provide your customers with the information they need while streamlining your workload. Customers can log in to access details on their payment plans, view their payment history, and update their personal information. Make the customer experience easier and more efficient with the RapidCents Customer Portal.

Free Trials

Provide customers with a complimentary trial period prior to signing up for a paid plan. You can specify the duration of the trial and leverage automated email notifications to convert trial customers into paid subscribers when the free trial expires.

Maximize Your Subscriber Base

Efficiently manage your customer information with RapidCents Customer Manager. Easily upload your customer list, add customers manually, or select customer profiles from your existing database - all in one place.

Stay Connected with Your Customers

Stay connected with your customers with the automated email functionality and customizable templates included in your account. Send timely notifications when their free trials are coming to an end, when their payment information is no longer valid, or to alert them of an upcoming bill. Keep your customers informed and ensure a smooth customer experience with these automated email notifications.

Effortless Payments with RapidCents.

Payments are an integral part of the RapidCents experience. Our low rates and swift deposits make online payments simpler and more cost-effective than ever.

Develop a Plan.

RapidCents provides powerful recurring payment solutions, enabling you to craft custom subscription plans that perfectly suit your business needs. Subscribers are conveniently notified and billed on a regular basis, with the payment being charged to the credit card associated with their customer profile.

Allocated Billing

Optimize your customer billing process by enabling prorated billing. Calculate charges accurately and fairly, starting from the date of activation, and charge your customers on a daily basis. This will ensure that you are neither overcharging nor undercharging.

Optimized Billing

Metered billing provides a cost-effective way to align pricing with value, enabling you to charge customers based on usage data or monthly totals.

Initial Setup Fee

Introduce your customers to extra value with a one-time setup fee. Offer event registration fees, or enhance their experience with add-on products and services to your base subscription fee. Unlock additional benefits and make your services even more accessible.


What is recurring billing?

Recurring billing refers to the automatic charging of a customer’s credit card or bank account at regular intervals for a subscription or ongoing service.

What is a recurring charge?

 A recurring charge refers to a regular or repeated charge that is billed to a customer’s credit card or bank account at specific intervals. It is often associated with subscription-based services or ongoing memberships where the customer agrees to pay a predetermined amount on a recurring basis, such as monthly, quarterly, or annually. Recurring charges are automatically processed by the merchant or service provider using the customer’s stored payment information, ensuring a convenient and hassle-free payment experience for both parties.

What are recurring payments?

Recurring payments are automatic and regular payments made by a customer to a merchant or service provider. They are set up to occur at specified intervals, such as monthly or annually, and are typically associated with subscription-based services, membership dues, or installment plans. Recurring payments are convenient for customers as they eliminate the need for manual payment initiation each time and provide a seamless experience. These payments are processed using the customer’s stored payment information, such as credit card details or bank account information, and are executed automatically based on the agreed-upon schedule. Recurring payments simplify billing processes for businesses and improve cash flow, while offering customers a predictable and convenient way to manage their ongoing financial commitments.

What does recurring billing mean?

Recurring billing refers to the practice of automatically charging a customer’s credit card or bank account at regular intervals for products, services, or subscriptions. It is a payment model commonly used by businesses to collect payments for ongoing services or subscriptions that require periodic payment, such as monthly or yearly charges.


With recurring billing, customers provide their payment information once, and then the billing system securely stores the information to process future payments without requiring manual intervention. This automation streamlines the payment process for both the business and the customer, reducing administrative tasks and ensuring timely and consistent payments.


Recurring billing systems often offer features such as customizable billing intervals, automated payment retries, and the ability to manage customer subscriptions or membership details. These systems help businesses improve cash flow, enhance customer convenience, and provide a seamless payment experience.

What is a recurring transaction?

A recurring transaction is a specific type of payment transaction that occurs on a regular basis at predetermined intervals. It is an automated payment initiated by a merchant or service provider, charging a customer’s credit card or bank account for recurring services, subscriptions, or installment plans.


Unlike one-time transactions where customers manually authorize a payment for a specific purchase, recurring transactions are set up to occur automatically at regular intervals, such as monthly, quarterly, or annually. The customer provides their payment information once, and the recurring transaction system securely stores the information to process future payments without requiring further action from the customer.


Recurring transactions are commonly used for various purposes, including membership fees, subscription-based services (such as streaming platforms or software licenses), utility bill payments, and installment plans for products or services.


These transactions offer convenience for customers by eliminating the need for manual payment initiation each time, while also providing businesses with predictable revenue streams and improved administrative efficiency.

What is subscription billing?

A Subscription billing is a business model where customers pay a recurring fee at regular intervals for access to a product or service. It involves charging customers for ongoing access, usage, or delivery of a product or service, typically on a subscription basis.


In a subscription billing model, customers sign up for a subscription plan and agree to make regular payments, which can be monthly, quarterly, annually, or at other predefined intervals. The payments are typically automatic, using the customer’s stored payment information, and continue until the customer cancels or changes their subscription.


Subscription billing is commonly used in various industries, including software-as-a-service (SaaS), media and entertainment, e-commerce, fitness, and more. Examples of subscription-based services include streaming platforms (e.g., Netflix, Spotify), software subscriptions (e.g., Adobe Creative Cloud), membership-based services (e.g., gym memberships), and curated product boxes (e.g., subscription boxes).

What is subscription billing software?

Subscription billing software is a specialized tool designed to handle the complexities of managing and automating subscription-based billing processes. It provides businesses with the necessary functionality to create, manage, and optimize subscription plans, as well as handle recurring payments and invoicing. 


Subscription billing software typically includes features such as plan creation and customization, flexible pricing options, automated billing cycles, secure payment processing, subscription analytics and reporting, customer management, and integration capabilities with other business systems. 


By utilizing subscription billing software, businesses can streamline their billing operations, improve customer experience, ensure accurate and timely payments, and gain valuable insights into their subscription business metrics. It helps businesses efficiently manage the complexities of subscription billing and optimize their recurring revenue streams.

What is recurring bill amount?

The recurring bill amount refers to the specific monetary value that is charged to a customer’s account at regular intervals for a subscription or recurring service. It represents the fixed or variable fee that a customer has agreed to pay on an ongoing basis as part of their subscription or recurring payment agreement. The recurring bill amount is typically predetermined and can be charged monthly, quarterly, annually, or at other specified intervals. It ensures that the customer is billed consistently and accurately for the subscribed service or product, facilitating a seamless payment process and enabling businesses to maintain a steady revenue stream.

How can I set up recurring billing for my customers?

To set up recurring billing you have to sign up with RapidCents and we will provide you with the necessary tools and integrations to manage and automate recurring payments.

Are there any transaction limits for recurring billing?

The transaction limits for recurring billing depend on the specific payment service provider and the agreements you have in place. RapidCents offers customizable options to meet your business needs.

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