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Create Free Contract Pages in Minutes.

An easy and free way to create professional contract pages for all your business needs. Whether you need a simple agreement or a complex document with intricate terms and services, we have a custom template to help you create one with ease.


Free Downloadable Templates.

Our template library encompasses a diverse array of categories, ensuring that you can find a template suitable for your specific need. Whether you require a basic agreement, a detailed contract for payment links, or a subscription agreement, our collection has you covered.

Efficient Documentation.

Document Verifiction

Merchants can request additional customer ID or verification documents along with the contract forms. This adds a layer of extra security in safeguarding both parties while ensuring true identity of your customers.

E-Signatures for Convenience

Reduce the hassle of physical signatures by giving your customers the option to e-sign the contract forms. Online signatures are easier, faster and safer than regular signatures.

Dispute Resolution

Providing proof of signed contracts helps resolving disputes in favor of the merchants. Having a clear pre-determined clause acts as a gatekeeper to protect merchants from fraudulent and lengthy disputes.


Easy Access.

All the signed contracts are saved on RapidCents database. Merchants can easily retrieve the contracts for future references by looking up customer details through their dashboard. You never have to worry about digging through stacks of paperwork or missing contracts. Make your business operations smoother.


Integrated Workflow with RapidCents

RapidCents’ contracts seamlessly integrate with other RapidCents products, including invoices, subscriptions, payment links and more. This integration enables you to effortlessly attach pertinent files and purchase orders to your contracts, creating a unified and streamlined experience.



What Is RapidCents Contracts?

RapidCents Contracts is a comprehensive, free contract creating software solution designed to streamline the process for businesses. With this, you can effortlessly create, monitor, and efficiently manage various contracts, all within a single, user-friendly platform. 

Why should I use Contracts?

Contracts serve as an invaluable safeguard against potential misunderstandings and deceptive actions that could otherwise give rise to disputes in the future. They play a pivotal role in elucidating the terms and conditions prior to any financial transactions, thereby fostering a sense of trust with your buyers.

How can I generate a Contract?

With our contract builder, you can effortlessly compose new clauses, make revisions to existing ones, and tailor them to your specific requirements. Should you decide to save these clauses, they can be retained for future use in any contract you create. Moreover, you have the option to send your contract and receive e-signatures.

Why should I use a template to create a Contract?

A template serves as the foundation from which you can craft a contract. A professional template ensures that all the important points are mentioned. Our template builder facilitates the creation of pre-designed templates that can be further customized to formulate contracts tailored to your business needs.

What types of templates are available?

We have plenty of templates to help merchants choose the right one that fits their needs. You can find all our templates here.

What constitutes a valid Contract agreement?

A contract represents a legally binding agreement between two parties. To establish the legal enforceability of a contract, certain key elements must be present, such as mutual agreement, a valid offer, and acceptance. It is advisable to consult local laws or seek legal counsel to ensure the validity of your contract in accordance with the applicable legal requirements.

Is a verbal agreement legally binding as a Contract?

The enforceability of verbal agreements can vary significantly depending on state and federal laws. For insights into the accuracy, sufficiency, enforceability, or legal binding of the terms in your specific contracts or agreements, it is advisable to seek guidance from a licensed attorney, as they can provide legal advice tailored to your jurisdiction.

Is there a cost for generating Contracts?

Nope! Crafting and dispatching RapidCents contracts is entirely free of charge.

What are the advantages of digital Contracts?

Paper contracts can be susceptible to loss, theft, damage, or deterioration over time. RapidCents provides digital contracts that are automatically and securely stored in the cloud, ensuring easy and reliable contract management and preservation.

What should a contract include?

A contract should include the names and contact information of all parties, a clear description of the subject matter, terms and conditions, payment details, a dispute resolution process, and a termination clause. The specific content will depend on the type of contract.

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