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Start leveraging your network by joining the RapidCents Affiliate Partner Program. We understand the importance of trust when recommending a payment service provider, which is why we strive to ensure that every merchant we work with is treated with integrity and respect. With our program, you can earn money by referring merchants to our top-tier payment solutions and build your reputation in the process. Sign up today and start making money with RapidCents.

Better Payment Infrastructure

With you we can help businesses with their online payment solutions. If you are the person who wants to help businesses grow by means of improving their payment infrastructure, this job is for you.

We provide the infrastructure and support, while you focus on sales.

Why You Should Partner With Us.

For over 5 years, RapidCents has been helping ISO/MSPs succeed in the ever-competitive payments processing landscape. Our comprehensive solutions, attractive pricing plans and in-house support team provide the tools and resources you need to build strong relationships, drive revenue and reach your goals. With our partner incentives, on-site training and consultative marketing assistance, we make it easy to maximize your success. Join us and unlock your full potential.

Our Program.

The RapidCents ISO/MSP program provides you with a long-term return on investment and ongoing revenue throughout the duration of the partnership. Our pricing plans give you the freedom to offer your clients the best solutions. With no exclusivity requirements or minimum revenue commitments, our residual advance programs are tailored to your success.

Online Payment is now a piece of cake.

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