Payment Processing

Share a Link. Get Paid.

Elevate your online sales game with Payment Links – the ultimate solution for selling without a website! Generate payment links and share it via QR codes and text messages effortlessly. Craft a complete payment page in minutes and share the link hassle-free with your customers. No coding needed.

Payment Link

A Simple Way to Receive Payments

With our autofill feature, securely save your payment details, addresses, and phone numbers. Enjoy one-click convenience on Link-enabled websites, with the added benefit of reviewing your order before confirming your purchase.

Tracking & Reporting

Easy to Setup


Custom Domain

Security at its Finest.

Secure Payment Link


Rest easy when you make payments using Link. We employ top-tier encryption standards to safeguard your data, ensuring the highest level of security for your transactions.

Secure Verification Methods

To ensure your safety, we utilize multi-layered verification processes. Receive a one-time code via text or email to confirm your identity. For added security on specific transactions, we may request secondary verification, including biometric data or a PIN, putting you in charge of your online safety.

PCI Security Standard

Count on us for the highest level of payment industry certification. We are PCI certified, meeting the most rigorous standards to ensure your peace of mind in every transaction.

No Monthly Fees for Payment Links Creation.

When you create payment links, you won’t encounter any monthly charges. Your sole cost will be based on the transactions processed through the link. Pay only for what you use!

Payment Link

How It Works

Harness the power of Payment Links for a multitude of purposes – from product and service sales, subscription initiations, to donation collections. Elevate your brand’s presence by seamlessly incorporating your logo and color scheme, ensuring a consistent and professional look and feel.

Take advantage of the flexibility of your payment link. Whether you paste it, embed it, or share it across various channels, the same payment link can serve multiple customers, making transactions a breeze.

Receive notifications of successful payments through your Dashboard or email. Enjoy the convenience of funds being seamlessly deposited into your designated bank account.

Payment Link


Payment Links are a hassle-free way to receive payments without a website. Create customized links for your products or services and share them with your customers.

Simply generate a link in your RapidCents Dashboard, send it to your customers, and they can pay using their preferred method securely.

Do I need coding skills?

No coding skills are required. RapidCents’ user-friendly interface makes creating and sharing Payment Links easy.

Yes, you can set up Payment Links for subscriptions or recurring charges.

You pay a transaction fee of 2.9% + 30¢ per successful online payment.

Funds from successful payments are automatically deposited into your connected bank account.

Yes, you can match the appearance of your Payment Links with your brand by adding your logo and colors.

How can I monitor payments and notifications?

Use the RapidCents Dashboard or receive email notifications to stay updated on successful payments.

RapidCents ensures the highest encryption standards for secure and safe transactions.

Yes, Payment Links are available in numerous countries, making it easy to accept payments worldwide.

Online Payment is now a piece of cake.

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