Payment Processing

Secure Card Vault & Tokenization

Secure your business by utilizing the card vault to store credit cards. Quickly and securely charge any card without ever having to expose sensitive credit card information to your system.

Convenient Payment Process

RapidCents stores your customers’ credit card and bank information securely, enabling you to provide a fast and convenient checkout experience. With this feature, customers can quickly access their payment information for future purchases.

Process Transactions Remotely

Your customers’ payment information is safely stored in RapidCents’ database, enabling you to effortlessly process transactions remotely, add them to invoices, or set them up on a recurring payment plan.

Easy and Cost-free

RapidCents simplifies the process of securely storing sensitive credit card information, protecting your system from risk while still providing you with convenient access to the data. Our solution ensures PCI compliance without any additional cost, making it a cost-effective and secure choice.

A secure, centralized repository.

The RapidCents Card Vault offers a convenient and secure solution for storing and accessing your customer payment information. With its seamless integration with all payment features in your account, you can easily accept payments from anywhere. Enjoy the convenience of having all your customer payment data stored in one secure database.

Eliminate the Need for Manual Data Entry

Easily process transactions with the virtual terminal by utilizing the payment information stored in the card vault. Re-use cards as often as desired without the need for any manual data entry.

Easily Add Customers

Easily add customers to recurring payment plans with a few clicks. Link their existing customer profile to the plan to streamline the process. Make it effortless for your customers to stay up to date with their payments.

Apply Customer Credit Card Details to Invoices

Utilize customer credit card data within your RapidCents account to expedite invoice payments. Streamline the payment process for customers by allowing them to use the payment information they have securely stored, instead of having to manually enter their credit card details.

Comprehensive Payment Gateway API

Your account grants you access to our comprehensive payment gateway API. With RapidCents, you can seamlessly integrate your website, shopping cart, billing system, or app for a streamlined payment experience. Utilize our API to securely accept payments with card information stored in your vault.

Securely Store and Access

Unlock all the powerful benefits of the RapidCents Card Vault with your RapidCents account, free of any additional charges. We believe that safeguarding your data should never come with a price tag.


What is a credit card vault?

A credit card vault is a secure storage system provided by RapidCents that stores and protects sensitive credit card information. It ensures the safe storage of customer payment data, allowing businesses to securely process transactions without directly storing or accessing cardholder information.

How does RapidCents' credit card vault work?

RapidCents' credit card vault securely encrypts and stores customer credit card information in a highly secure environment. It generates a unique token for each card, allowing businesses to use the token instead of the actual card data during subsequent transactions.

What is card tokenization?

Card tokenization by RapidCents, is a security technique that replaces sensitive credit card information with a unique token. The token is stored securely in RapidCents' system, allowing businesses to process transactions without handling or storing actual card data, reducing the risk of data breaches and enhancing security.

What is tokenization in card payments?

Tokenization from RapidCents, is a security measure that replaces sensitive credit card data with a unique token. This token is used for subsequent transactions, allowing businesses to process payments without directly handling or storing actual card information. It enhances security by minimizing the risk of data breaches and protecting cardholder data during payment processing.

Is credit card vault and tokenization compliant with industry standards?

Yes, RapidCents' credit card vault and tokenization methods comply with industry security standards, such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). This ensures that customer data is protected and secure during transactions.

Can I integrate RapidCents' credit card vault with my existing payment processing system?

Yes, RapidCents provides integration options with various payment processing systems. Our technical support team can guide you through the integration process, allowing you to leverage the benefits of the credit card vault within your existing system.

How does credit card vault and tokenization enhance security?

Credit card vault and tokenization enhance security by reducing the exposure of sensitive cardholder data. By storing tokens instead of actual card information, businesses minimize the risk of data theft and potential financial liabilities.

What to do if a data breach occurs?

If a data breach occurs, we recommend taking immediate action by notifying our support team. They will work closely with the affected merchant to investigate the breach, implement necessary security measures, and provide guidance on mitigating potential risks. RapidCents prioritizes customer data protection and takes swift action in response to any security incidents.

Can RapidCents credit card vault and tokenization be used for recurring payments?

Yes, RapidCents' credit card vault and tokenization support recurring payments. By securely storing customer card data and associated tokens, businesses can process recurring transactions without requiring customers to resubmit their payment information.

Does using the credit card vault and tokenization provider impact payment processing speed?

No, RapidCents' credit card vault and tokenization methods are designed to have minimal impact on payment processing speed. Transactions using tokens are processed swiftly and efficiently, ensuring a smooth payment experience for customers.

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