Payment Processing

RapidCents APIs.

The RapidCents API offers a comprehensive suite of tools to help you manage your account in a streamlined and efficient manner. Leverage the APIs to interact with every aspect of your RapidCents account, from payments to other features.

Customizable and Flexible APIs.

Using RapidCents API, you can easily integrate payments into your project and provide custom, tailored solutions for your specific needs. With the API, you can access the features included in your RapidCents Account, or use it as a traditional payment gateway API.

Comprehensive Payment Gateway API

RapidCents provides a comprehensive payment gateway API, enabling seamless integration with our payment platform. Our API facilitates transactions such as sales, pre-authorizations, captures, voids, refunds, recurring payments, and card-tokens. With our API, you can quickly and easily integrate your website, shopping cart, billing system, or application.

Over 80 Different API Actions

RapidCents offers developers a comprehensive suite of API actions to modify, update, and retrieve data assets. This includes items in the product catalog, customer profiles, orders, transactions, credit card tokens, and bank account information. With more than 80 API actions available, developers have the flexibility to customize their applications and maximize their data assets.

RapidCents Third-Party Integrations.

RapidCents offers seamless integration with a wide range of third-party software providers. To explore the full list of compatible software, simply follow the link below.


What are Developer APIs for eCommerce?

 Developer APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) for eCommerce are tools provided by RapidCents that allow developers to integrate the RapidCents online payment gateway into their e-commerce platforms or custom applications

What programming languages are supported by RapidCents Developer APIs?

RapidCents Developer APIs support multiple programming languages including JSON, XML, PHP. This ensures compatibility and flexibility for developers working with different programming languages. Learn more here.

Can RapidCents Developer APIs be used for mobile app development?

Yes, RapidCents Developer APIs can be used for mobile app development. We provide the necessary functionalities to integrate online payment processing within mobile applications for a seamless user experience.

Are there any documentation and resources available for RapidCents Developer APIs?

 Yes, we provide comprehensive documentation, guides, and resources to assist developers in using our Developer APIs. These resources offer detailed information on API endpoints, parameters, authentication, and sample code snippets. Check our API Documents to know more

Can I process different types of payments using RapidCents Developer APIs?

 Yes, RapidCents Developer APIs allow you to process various types of payments, including credit card payments, ACH transfers, and other electronic payment methods. Our API provides a versatile solution for accepting payments across different channels.

Does RapidCents Developer APIs support recurring payments?

Yes, RapidCents Developer APIs support recurring payments. Developers can integrate the necessary functionality to enable businesses to process recurring transactions seamlessly.

Can I customize the checkout experience using RapidCents Developer APIs?

Yes, RapidCents Developer APIs offer customization options for the checkout experience. You can design and develop a customized payment flow that aligns with your brand and meets your specific requirements.

Is there a sandbox or test environment available for RapidCents Developer APIs?

Yes, RapidCents provides a sandbox or test environment where developers can simulate transactions and test their integration without processing real payments. This allows for thorough testing and development before going live.

Are there any transaction fees associated with using RapidCents Developer APIs?

There are no transaction fees for running test APIs.

Can RapidCents Developer APIs handle different payments and currencies?

Yes, RapidCents Developer APIs support USD and CAD currencies.

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