Payment Processing

All-in-One Platform for Seamless Digital Product Sales.

Embark on a global journey of successful digital product sales with RapidCents’ payment processing for digital products. Explore the simplicity of our comprehensive services designed to meet all your needs for successful global transactions.

Digital Products

Streamlined Solutions for Your Digital Products

Whether it’s ebooks, music, software, or more, our full-service platform streamlines sales. Stay agile, compete globally, and maintain focus on your craft without compromising on competitive pricing with the best payment processor for digital products.

Digital Products
Digital Products

Build Your Ideal Digital Product Store

Utilize our builder library for a seamless storefront on your website. Our digital goods payment processor streamlines payment processing, auto-fill custom fields, and enhance the shopping experience. Optimize checkouts with real-time updates, testing, and adjustments for maximum conversions and customer satisfaction.

Transform Your Checkout Experience

Enhance your online shopping experience by ensuring a cohesive brand presence throughout the entire checkout process. Build trust with your Canadian customers, minimize cart abandonment, and boost average order values. With RapidCents’ digital products payment processing seamlessly integrate into your existing website, you can effortlessly create customized and intelligent checkout flows that align with your brand.

Digital Products

Instant Gratification for Your Customers

Experience the joy of providing your customers with instant access to their newly acquired digital products. Our platform is designed to seamlessly handle automated license generation, ensure secure file downloads, and facilitate swift email delivery for both files and software keys.

Digital Products
Digital Products

Empower Your E-Commerce

As a comprehensive e-commerce platform, RapidCents takes the lead in ensuring that your checkout process remains up-to-date and compliant with local and international regulations, including GDPR, PSD2, and CCPA. This commitment simplifies the payment process of selling digital products for you while ensuring the security of both your business and your customers. RapidCents  also utilizes tokenization and implement strong chargeback prevention measures for added security.


How does RapidCents simplify digital product sales?

RapidCents streamlines the process with a user-friendly platform, ensuring hassle-free transactions, automated license generation, and secure file downloads.

Can I customize my checkout flow?

Absolutely! RapidCents lets you create personalized and intelligent checkout experiences aligned with your brand.

What regulations does RapidCents comply with?

RapidCents adheres to global rules, including GDPR, PSD2, and CCPA, providing a secure selling environment for both you and your customers.

Is my company information safe with RapidCents?

Yes, we prioritize security. RapidCents employs robust measures, including strong customer authentication, to safeguard your business information.

How quickly can customers access their digital products?

Immediate gratification is key. RapidCents ensures swift access with automated license generation, secure file downloads, and prompt email delivery.

Can I sell digital downloads of any size or file type?

Absolutely! RapidCents supports seamless selling, whether you’re dealing with small or large digital downloads in any file format.

How does RapidCents keep up with evolving regulations?

We’re proactive. RapidCents continually updates and expands its services to stay current and align with your evolving needs.

Does RapidCents support international sales?

Certainly! RapidCents ensures your checkout process complies with both local and international regulations, making global sales a seamless experience.

Can I focus on my products instead of security concerns?

Absolutely! RapidCents takes care of security complexities, allowing you to concentrate on developing and selling outstanding digital products without worrying about the latest security information.

How does RapidCents ensure compliance with payment regulations like PSD2?

RapidCents proactively aligns with payment regulations, including PSD2, to provide a secure and compliant platform, ensuring a smooth and trustworthy transaction process for your digital products.

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