Payment Processing

Streamlined Payments for Canadian Utilities

Empower your utility bill processing with RapidCents advanced payment processing technologies. Our fast and easy solutions are designed specifically for water, power, and heat providers in Canada.

Utility Payment processing
Utility Payment processing

Effortless Integration for Payment Solutions

Effortlessly incorporate credit and debit card utility payment processing into your website, mobile app, or call center with RapidCents. Experience a smooth and seamless transaction process. RapidCents also empowers you to seamlessly integrate utility payments into your current business operations.

Simplify Compliance

Qualify for a streamlined audit with reduced PCI scope. Cut down on documentation and reporting, allowing your team to meet merchant requirements efficiently and with less complexity.

Utility Payment processing

Flexible Payment APIs

For those seeking even greater control and customization, explore RapidCents’ APIs. Tailor your utility payment options to meet the unique needs of your business, while maintaining the highest standards of security.

Utility Payment processing
Utility Payment processing

Secure Digital Wallet

Empower your customers by allowing them to securely save their payment cards in our digital wallet. With this feature, you receive a secure payment token (Tokenization), eliminating the need to store sensitive cardholder data on your system. This token becomes your key to swift and secure future transactions, whether for utility bills or credits. Our chargeback prevention system protects merchants from unwanted chargebacks.


What is RapidCents' payment processing for utilities?

RapidCents’ payment processing for utilities simplifies bill payments. Securely handle transactions without storing sensitive data on your servers, ensuring compliance.

How does RapidCents enhance security?

RapidCents uses advanced encryption and secure tokenization to protect cardholder data, maintaining the highest security standards.

Can I integrate RapidCents with my existing systems?

Yes, RapidCents offers seamless integration through payment APIs, making it adaptable to various business environments.

What is a digital wallet, and how does it work?

RapidCents’ digital wallet lets customers securely store payment cards. It generates a token, streamlining future transactions without compromising cardholder data.

How does RapidCents help with PCI compliance?

RapidCents reduces PCI scope, making audits shorter and less complex. Spend less time on documentation while meeting all merchant requirements.

Can customers save payment methods for future transactions?

Absolutely, RapidCents’ digital wallet allows customers to save payment methods, expediting checkout for future utility bill payments or credits.

How can I speed up the checkout process?

By utilizing the digital wallet, customers can choose previously saved payment methods, reducing the need for repetitive data entry during checkout.

What industries can benefit from RapidCents' services?

RapidCents’ services cater to a wide range of industries, including utilities, ensuring secure and efficient payment processing for diverse business sectors.

Does RapidCents offer ongoing support for clients?

Yes, RapidCents provides dedicated customer support, ensuring clients receive assistance and guidance for a seamless experience with their payment processing solutions.

How does RapidCents prioritize data security during transactions?

RapidCents prioritizes data security through cutting-edge encryption methods, providing a secure environment for transactions. With secure tokenization, cardholder data remains protected throughout the payment process, ensuring peace of mind for both businesses and customers.

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