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The Unknown Advantages Of Having Virtual Terminal In Your Business

At this point in time, we cannot deny the true conveniences of having digital payment methods. People all over the world are carrying credit cards and debit cards. They have found that carrying credit cards and debit cards instead of hard cash is a better and secure option. Anyway, if you are a merchant, you definitely have credit card terminals in your retail outlets. Customers are making payments using their credit cards and you are processing them through the physical payment terminals. Well, consumers are also making an online purchase by putting their credit card details on the checkout page. Now, if you are running a business where you do not have an ecosystem like retail outlets, going with physical payment terminals will not be a good option. In such a situation, you need a virtual terminal.

According to a payment report, more than 34% of transactions in North America fall under the category of credit card transactions. Well, apart from using a physical payment terminal, there is another thing that the merchants can use. We are talking about the virtual terminal. In fact, there are many businesses that require this virtual payment device. For example, if you are a freelancer or a professional service provider, you need this payment mode. Here, the customers will send the card details via mail or over the phone to the merchant. They will never see the payment terminal. The merchant needs to put the card details on the checkout page of the virtual terminal and then, the merchant processor will complete the transaction.

Virtual Terminal Is Making The Online Transaction Faster And Reliable

By now, you have got a basic idea about the virtual terminal. Now, if you are thinking to enable a virtual terminal in your business, you need to know how it works.

Well, a virtual terminal works like a credit card terminal in a virtual way. There is no physical payment equipment needed for processing the transactions. The merchant will receive the information from the consumers and then, the merchant will put the details on the checkout page. The payment processor will complete the transactions then. Here, the customers do not need to swipe the card or tap the card over the payment equipment. The process is faster and reliable. If you are running a business where you need to receive payments from a customer who is not physically present there, you can go for this payment equipment. You can process the whole transaction within a few seconds.

Virtual Terminal supports card-not-present transactions. So, if you are not present at your business, you can still accept payments from the consumers. Yes, they just need to send you the card details and after that, you will have to put the card information to the virtual terminal. You should have a merchant account in order to complete the transaction through a virtual terminal. After pairing your business operation, you will get access to the virtual terminal. It is a kind of web interface where you need to log in. You will get your login credentials after creating a merchant account under a merchant processor solution.

Businesses That Need Virtual Terminal

At this point, you can say that a virtual terminal is a unique way of accepting payment. Now, it might not be useful for all situations. Yes, if you are having an offline shop where customers come to buy things, a virtual terminal cannot be useful for them. If you do a transaction using a virtual terminal in front of them, it will be time-consuming. Instead of this, they can simply swipe the card and complete the transaction.

Anyway, there are businesses that need virtual payment devices. Here, we will be talking about them.

  • Local Professionals: Doctors, lawyers, and mechanics fall under this category. They can accept payments using this virtual payment terminal. They can access the web interface through using laptops and mobile.
  • Deliver Services: If you are into any kind of delivery business, you can go with this payment option.
  • Freelancers: Virtual terminal is ideal for freelancers. They mostly deal with international consumers and so, it is the best payment option for them.
Unknown Advantages

There are some unknown advantages of using a virtual terminal. We have explained them below:

  • No More Additional Hardware Required: One of the biggest advantages of using this payment tool is that you do not need to spend money on any additional payment hardware. You just need to make sure that you have a smartphone and laptop.
  • Accept Recurring Payments: Well, this payment tool allows the merchants to accept recurring payments.
  • Remotely Process Payments: You do not have to be there in your business to process payments. You can do this remotely.
Not A Rapidcents Merchant?

By now, you have known the unknown advantages of having a virtual terminal in your business. So, if you want to enable this, you can visit Rapidcents that provides this service. You will also get complete assistance from their end.

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